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what if healing = death?

what if healing = death?
by i. m. healing, with help from blahbl a. hblah

* what if "healing" was simply a movement toward Higher-Level Wellness?

halbert dunn, the "father of wellness," stressed (in his mind-body-Spirit model), that Spirit is the basis of It All ..ernest holmes, in the science of mind (1934), describes Spirit as "Source," and (In Essence) Spirit becomes mind, which becomes manifest as physicality, which (event-u-ally) trans-form(s) back to Spirit -- kind of like re-Cycling. ..Abraham-hicks, in her Law of Attraction rants, states that death is merely a transition back into Pure, Positive Energy -- the Spiritual Soup that Creates the physical.

* what if Gd (In Essence) "Makes the Seen"?

* what if "death" (as Master Po once said) is a doorway -- to yet another life?

dr. john travis' wellness/illness model (below) shows how a person can "appear" to be well (or ill) while (in Reality) it is one's movement toward well-being or illness that determines wellness.
ram das, in Be Here, Now, described the body as a "space suit." ..this space suit is (in actuality) a prison (of sorts), trapping Spirit into a space-time experience that could be described as hell (in relation to the Spiritual Realm).

* what if "death" is a re-Lease back into our True Essence?

* what if physical beings have a limited sense of Spiritual Reality?

humans (and other animals) have a limited view of the spectrum of Light. ..we have a limited sense of smell, taste, hearing and touch. ..we then make all kinds of judgments based upon our limited world-view.  ..if the physical world is a reflection of the Real World, it would be easy for us to get things backwards at times.

* what if the Whole Continuum (from body to mind to Spirit) is (In Reality) a Cycle (from Spirit to bodymind to Spirit)?

* what if ALL of It is Spirit?

* what if the Whole Process is One of God, Godding (or Love, Loving; or Spirit, Be-ing; or One, One-ing or the Is, Is-ing)?

if that is the case, then "death" is merely a limited label, used to describe a tiny moment in a Vast Process. ..if death is a re-Lease back into our True Nature, then there is (Truly) no-thing to worry about, since every part of the Process is God (Love/Reality/Truth/Peace/Wholeness/Oneness/Wellness) It-Self.

* what if life (It-Self) is G∞d?

* what if It. Is. All.G∞d?

the end-beginning-end-beginning...

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