Saturday, April 30, 2011


by pre position

we made a proposition
a happy little phrase
a declaration, mission (rhetorical, unfazed)

we made a proposition (was it a sentence or condition?)
we made a statement (question) when
we made a proposition

* it all might be semantics, but a business called "proposition" might propose to engage in linguistical placement of professional team members, relative to the statement in question.

* in any event, we'd (probably) need a union.

marriage, wedding, Union 

Friday, April 29, 2011

indecent proposal

you may know that dick and mary laura are getting married this weekend, in geneva, alabama.

what you (probably) don't know...

yes, ladies and gentlemen, lenny and pete and jim popped the question(s) to mary laura, while letting her know that she'd be making a big mistake by marrying dick (instead of one of us).

note tricky (above), in the background, sobbing...

the rings were quite expensive, but you can't put a price on LOVE, baby!

as you can see (above), she accepted.

i think i'm registered at trader joe's, sam's club and best buy..not sure about jim, pete, or m.l. and the trickster.

we consummated the engagement (of course) with some frolicking in the pond, followed by a feast.

the answer to your question is: "yes, being down on one knee, saying 'will you marry me?' was both traumatic and electrifying, simultaneously."

-the beginning?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

reflection = expression

reflection and expression
by r. e. pression

reflection and expression
dance a little, dance
play a little play, a little game of fate and chance

reflection and expression
dream a little dream
dare to be so different (but that's just how it seems)


if "the created" is a reflection of the All, and
if the All is Love, and
if Love is Gd, then that which is manifest, being Gd, would feel good.

if that which is manifest strives to survive (and feel better), and
if it evolves, and
if it can be no-thing but It-Self, then the created would Be (expressing).

* doesn't every living thing (including suicidal cancer) strive to survive?
* doesn't every living thing re-produce (in its own image)?
* doesn't every living thing, in its process of survival and reproduction, express itself?

if so, then the reflection is Itself -- an Expression.

-the middle.

if "feeling good" (here) is relative, then every feeling could be described as "good" ...relative to that which might feel worse.

in that way, the crawling, aging caterpillar might feel good, even though s/he could be mis-perceived (by the butterfly) to be trapped, landlocked, and bound to cocoon.


this may just be a repressed perception, but:
reflection = expression

-the end.

why are wIe, h/Here?

why are wIe, h/Here?
by just juan dering why

poemIcon.jpg   28 april.... why are we here (2011).doc

-the end?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


in a world where matter isn't solid, where the senses make no sense, and where the Unseen makes the scene, it's no wonder why one wonders why -- about one's own Nature, which no one can (Really) own.


in a world where particle colliders search for the God particle, jimmy buffett might say that "Universal laughter" is "ringing out among the stars."

click here for "fruitcakes."

in any event, wIe will (event-u-ally) trans-form, re-Cognizing the futility of caterpillars, attempting to describe butterflight.

on the other hand, could we even have butterflies -- without first caterpillaring?

-the beginning

what if healing = death?

what if healing = death?
by i. m. healing, with help from blahbl a. hblah

* what if "healing" was simply a movement toward Higher-Level Wellness?

halbert dunn, the "father of wellness," stressed (in his mind-body-Spirit model), that Spirit is the basis of It All ..ernest holmes, in the science of mind (1934), describes Spirit as "Source," and (In Essence) Spirit becomes mind, which becomes manifest as physicality, which (event-u-ally) trans-form(s) back to Spirit -- kind of like re-Cycling. ..Abraham-hicks, in her Law of Attraction rants, states that death is merely a transition back into Pure, Positive Energy -- the Spiritual Soup that Creates the physical.

* what if Gd (In Essence) "Makes the Seen"?

* what if "death" (as Master Po once said) is a doorway -- to yet another life?

dr. john travis' wellness/illness model (below) shows how a person can "appear" to be well (or ill) while (in Reality) it is one's movement toward well-being or illness that determines wellness.
ram das, in Be Here, Now, described the body as a "space suit." ..this space suit is (in actuality) a prison (of sorts), trapping Spirit into a space-time experience that could be described as hell (in relation to the Spiritual Realm).

* what if "death" is a re-Lease back into our True Essence?

* what if physical beings have a limited sense of Spiritual Reality?

humans (and other animals) have a limited view of the spectrum of Light. ..we have a limited sense of smell, taste, hearing and touch. ..we then make all kinds of judgments based upon our limited world-view.  ..if the physical world is a reflection of the Real World, it would be easy for us to get things backwards at times.

* what if the Whole Continuum (from body to mind to Spirit) is (In Reality) a Cycle (from Spirit to bodymind to Spirit)?

* what if ALL of It is Spirit?

* what if the Whole Process is One of God, Godding (or Love, Loving; or Spirit, Be-ing; or One, One-ing or the Is, Is-ing)?

if that is the case, then "death" is merely a limited label, used to describe a tiny moment in a Vast Process. ..if death is a re-Lease back into our True Nature, then there is (Truly) no-thing to worry about, since every part of the Process is God (Love/Reality/Truth/Peace/Wholeness/Oneness/Wellness) It-Self.

* what if life (It-Self) is G∞d?

* what if It. Is. All.G∞d?

the end-beginning-end-beginning...

click here for more on "space suits" in the wIe grossary

click here for a compilation of health and wellness models

click here for travis and ryan's wellness-illness continuum

click here for the "iceberg model" of wellness

click here for ardell's view, and wellness model

poemIcon.jpg   click here for "the backwards nature of nature" (35 april, 2008).doc

Sunday, April 17, 2011

change words change worlds

Saturday, April 16, 2011

happy just to dance with you

in this, the Ultimate Dance,
in this, the Stage of stages,
in this, the Play, play-ing,
in this, the Big Sandbox,
in this, the relation-ship,
in this, the piece of Peace,
in this, the "we won" of wIe One,
in this, the sitcom of Sit-Calms,
in this, the Reality of reality tell-a-vision,
in this, the Game of games,
in this, the Place of no-place,
in this, the space of No-thing-ness,
in this, the experience of that which is Experience ItSelf...

i am Happy, just to Dance with you.

the end is the Beginning

the end is the Beginning
by b. ginning

the end is the beginning
a roller-coaster ride
a stage for losing/winning
a chance to peek In-side

a-no-ther chance to coast (romance), while on a roll (and sinning)
a dance, a stage, a turn of page:
the end is the beginning

in the end

if the Uni-verse (the One-song) is Love, Love-ing, then...

"in the end, the Love you take,
is equal to the Love you make."

Be-Cause it could not not be so.

Friday, April 15, 2011

here comes the sun

is there any better arrangement of words?

assuming that the beatles had it right, wIe conclude that (despite appearances) every-thing Is All-Right.

below... are the lyrics to the (above) link.

as always,  
simple = profound

here comes the sun
by the beatles

here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
and i say it's all right

little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter

little darling, it feels like years since it's been here
here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and i say it's all right

little darling, the smiles returning to the faces

little darling, it seems like years since it's been here
here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and i say it's all right

sun, sun, sun, here it comes...

sun, sun, sun, here it comes...
sun, sun, sun, here it comes...
sun, sun, sun, here it comes...
sun, sun, sun, here it comes...

little darling, i feel that ice is slowly melting

little darling, it seems like years since it's been clear
here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
and i say it's all right
it's all right

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

we live (Here) in the Present

wIe live (Here) in the Present
by whati s. past and inth e. future

wIe live (Here) in the Present
wIe wallow in the past
wIe bite into the apple (that can never, ever last)

wIe live and Love and push and shove and search for something (pleasant)
wIe think about the future, Now,
wIe live (Here) in the Present

* it's nice... to experience the present.

* it's also fun, to wallow in the past.  .One might argue that (here, any-way), that the past is All wIe (really) know, as wIe process the Present.  .after All, the present would be meaning-less with-out the ability to See past the present.


* it's also fun, to dream about (and to co-Create) the future. .each of us has done this, which is the reason why wIe can experience our past Presents in the first place!

* they tell you to live in the Present..... ...but (as dr. john nash might say) "incomplete!"

* they tell you to forget about the past..... ...but why (on earth) would wIe ever want to do that, even if we could..does anyone want to have no me-mory?

* maybe "they" don't know what they're spouting about. ...maybe wIe decide our focus and intention, Here and Now, future/past, happy/sad -- no matter what anyone else says.

* maybe wIe like our addictions and attachments. ..maybe we like our drama. ..maybe wIe (really, Really) do know best -- in regard to how our own Play unfurls and unfolds.

* maybe it is I'mpossible not to live in the Present, even as wIe contemplate our futures and pasts.

* maybe wIe (All-ready) live Here -- in the Present.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

maybe it's all a Play

good times never seemed so good

the blurb (below) was posted on ashley martineau's facebook page: 
Brian Martineau is living the dream. .His childhood dream has come full circle. .From visiting the New England Aquarium and dreamin' big dreams to completing the final chapter of his school there. .I think the entire Martineau Family is singing this song today. .. :) ..We're Boston-Bound this June!! ..Good Times never seemed so good!
ashley's post had a clip of fans (at fenway park) singing "sweet caroline," and the short video (below) gives you an idea of what it's like -- to spend a quiet night in the yard -- at fenway.