Monday, February 28, 2011

let it shine, II

alternative title: a lot can happen in-between our yesterdays and our todays


Sunday, February 27, 2011

let it shine!

yesterday (afternoon), in providence, r.i.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

let it snow???

two nights ago, in providence, r.i.

yesterday (morning), in providence, r.i.

Friday, February 25, 2011

dear josephine

26 february, 2011

to: Josephine T. Martineau
24 concannon street

dear mom,

the purpose of this letter (on your 80th birthday) is to state the obvious: i (and wIe) LOVE you!

thank you (and dad) for finding each other, over 60 years ago, and thank you for getting married. .thank you for giving birth to seven of the most wonder-full human beings that a person could ever know.

thank you for providing my brothers and sisters with the opportunity to raise their own incredible families. .from grandparents to great-grandchildren, the Whole family tree is one of Love.anyone who has ever met this family would enthusiastically agree.

enthusiasm: enthusiasm is but one of the many gifts that you have given to us.  .without even trying, you’ve set the example for how to enjoy life.  .without the use of “self-help” books and videos, you (intuitively) know that the secret to Happiness is a positive attitude.  .when anyone observes your offspringings, they observe a reflection of you.

smile: your smile is, and has always been -- infectious.  .you (Truly) light up any room.  .you light up your friends and family.  .you are Light Itself..the reason why we are able to withstand the challenges of this earthly experience is that we’ve watched you and dad dance the dance a million times over (and over again).  you’ve shown us that (Truly) there is nothing to fear.

laughter: if laughter equals health (and it does), then your family is the healthiest family on the planet.  .we laugh more than any group of people, well… ever..your laugh has allowed us to let go and laugh..your ability to laugh at yourself has allowed us the joy of laughing at ourselves.  .your ability to For-give us has allowed us experience the giving and receiving of Forgiveness.

security: you and dad have provided us with a safe haven.  .you have provided us with stability.  .you have provided us with rules and regulations to govern ourselves by.  .i don’t know if there is anything more dependable than your jovial persona, welcoming every person who walks through the door of 24 concannon street.

Love: your Love is Heaven-sent.  It is Unconditional.  It is Infinite.  It is Omnipresent.  .if the greatest gift on earth is Love (and it is), then you have shown us the way -- to everlasting Bliss.  wIe LOVE you!

with the deepest of sincerity… Forever yours,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

when nothing matters

note to self: stop trying so hard.

i just taught the best yoga class of my life... and i didn't do anything. ..i asked my gaston college students to close their eyes, to go within, and to practice their own yoga flow at their own pace. goal was to allow for experience of unguided yoga, so that they'd be able to practice (on their own) over spring break.

what transpired was magical.

each student/teacher, in her/his own way, eased through a pattern of postures and movements that can only be described as beautiful.

during the process, 
i was moved to write down notes, 
and these notes were read during savasana:

poetry in motion
inner peace

you... are Whole.
you are sensational!

you...are a living miracle! are body-wise are Wisdom ItSelf!

you... are... Yoga.


...and that's all i've got to say about that.

* yoga graphic by microsoft clipart.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"call grandma!"

alternative title: "she ain't afraid 'a no food"

yes, ladies and gentlemen, arguably one of the best videos of all time...

josephine martineau turns 80 on saturday, the 26th of february, and (for those in the 'neau), she's never met a food that she wouldn't desperately try to feed you.

as you will see, several of the grand-kids got together for a little karaoke tribute to the one... the only...

here's to ya, mom!

this video was downloaded from clare's blog (xoxoxocd) and can be found by clicking here:

so remember, boys and girls :

"if someone starves, in the neighborhood... who ya gonna call?
call grandma!"

Friday, February 18, 2011

Good news

is there any Good news?

yes, there is... when/if/when wIe look for it.

ann murray -1983 (his-story, it repeats)

i firmly believe... that if wIe are to be "saved," that the intelligent children of today (and tomorrow) can lead the way.

"if it ain't broke"

"if you don't know how to fix it...
...please, stop breaking it."
-severn suzuki (age 13)

(one of the best lines i've ever heard) 

find it in the short video, below:

yes, the message was several years ago, and yes, it seems as if nobody listened. but you did, or you wouldn't be reading this silly blog.

YOU know that individual, like-minded decisions can change the world. Know that natural food is better (for us and the globe) than processed junk "pseudo-food." ..wIe already Know what is Good for us, and every choice we make (in fact, every thought we think) sets in motion a snowball of energy that is incomprehensible.

does "positive thinking" work?

in my Uni-Verse, yes it does.

how is it working in yours?

Saturday, February 12, 2011


in 1998, the movie "antz" told a story about a colony -- with millions of living things who experienced birth, breath, attraction, death, drama, war, love (and more).

as it turned out, their whole universe was based upon that which they could perceive, and they created myths and stories to explain that which was outside of their conceptual framework.

as it turned out, their whole world was a small patch of sand -- not far from a little pile of trash.

what if the hubble was limited in its conceptual framework?

what if there was a lot more to perceive, but the people who built the hubble were limited to (let's say) five or six relative senses?


on the other hand, what if people/antz were (simultaneously) miraculous creatures -- electromagnetic beings made up of billions of dynamic, solar-systemic atoms?


Thursday, February 10, 2011

thieves 2, prius 1

alternative title: "at least they didn't get the cashews"

you get a weird feeling, as you approach your car and see one of your gloves on the ground.  the first thought is "did i drop that, somehow?"

the second thought is "uh, oh."

yes, my family/friends, several cars at reafield villiage were broken into last night.  it appears as though someone really needed several g.p.s. devices..presently, i'm in the process of calling insurance companies, signing police reports, and cleaning up broken glass.

since an apartment fire burned several homes in this complex a couple of months ago, i've been keeping my laptop in my car. ..all of those passwords, bank codes, personal information, etc., etc.

life is Good: they did not get the laptop.
life is Good: the only damage is to the driver's side window.
life is Good: i've got supportive colleagues, at work.
life is Good: i've got a good insurance company.
life is Good.

i'd like to take this moment to write down a few positive thoughts, projected toward those who committed the larceny:

* i hope that you can someday get to a place in your life where you don't have the need (or desire) to steal.
* i hope that you can someday Forgive others who might do you wrong.
* i hope that your life gets better.

of course, there are a few other "i hopes" (flowing through the mind) that aren't so positive, but my goal is to focus on the positive.'s an opportunity to "practice what you teach."

at least they didn't get the cashews. 


Saturday, February 5, 2011

this kick is super!

the u. of hawaii band outdoes itself.

have a GREAT super bowl, wherever you are, and no matter who wins.



* special thanks to clare dunn, for forwarding the video.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

eighty years (a preview)

eighty years
by those of us who've been graced (and embraced) by Grace

eighty years of smiles
eighty years of grace
eighty years of sweet emotion, written on her face

eighty years of laughter
eighty years of tears
eighty years of life, a mother/wife at eighty years

* in life, there are certain phenomena that simply cannot be described (God, Love, the afterlife, sunsets, etc.).

* i hereby submit that Josephine femino/martineau fits into the "indescribable" category.

* so let's attempt to describe her, anyway. ..

.for me, Jomemories flow in themes... or successions of moments or bundles of moments or moment after moment (or whatever).
here goes:

1. Josephine Loves kids. ..visits, birthdays, holidays...any day -- Josephine Loves kids. ..i've had friends who were amazed at how much my family honors its young. ..Now, i re-Cognize that (maybe) it's because josephine Loves kids.

2. Josephine Loves to laugh and smile. ..take a trip back to any memory, and you'll re-Member (Josephine, smiling and laughing). ..for the rest of my life, when any member of my family laughs or smiles, i'm going to trace that back to its Source (Jo).   

..thanks, mom!

3. Josephine Loves God. ..this is not a time to contemplate/argue/dispute, or jump onto religious  bandwagons. ..this is a simple Truth: josephine LOVES God. belief is that everyone of us has been Blessed by this.

..way to go, Jo!.

4. Josephine Loves life. .....and it doesn't matter what cards she is dealt. ..Josephine is grateful for every, single moment -- the good, the bad and the ugly..Jo is happy to be here, playing along with all of us, processing everything while Knowing every-thing while feeling every thing.

the woman is One, of a Kind.

(and that, right Now, is what's on my mind)

we Love You, mom!

note: Josie will be 80 on February 26, 2011.