Saturday, October 2, 2010

"we're number 1" (is an illusion)

(inspired, today, by watching a college football game)

we're number 1!
we're number 1!!
we're number 1!!!

you've probably heard the chant (ad nauseum) from sports fans, political followers, and even nations. (intuitively) know that "we're number 1" -- when translated -- usually means "my team is better than yours" (or worse yet):

we are better than you (or worse yet):
i am better than you."

another Truth (that you already know) is that there are numerous ways to define "number 1," and you also know that "any given team can defeat any given team on any given sunday". other words, the definition of "number 1" can depend upon the bounce of a ball, the call of a referee, or the timely pull of a trigger.

it's an illusion.

the illusion of "winning" creates an infinite number of "me vs. you" possibilities that perpetuate the egoic idea that we are separate, and that one can "win" over the other. ..the idea of "righteousness" implies that someone else is wrong.'s a song of praise to the ego.

from a Higher Perspective, these epic battles can actually be Seen for what they Truly are: games within a Game within a GAME.

from a Higher Perspective, the mantra:

"we won Be Cause wIe, One"

creates an aura of Unity that transcends the earth-bound battleground.

"we won Be Cause wIe, One" Sees everyone as a Winner.
"we won Be Cause wIe, One" Sees everything as a Game.
"we won Be Cause wIe, One" Sees an interconnected Union: a Body, a Whole.

instead of a piece, "we won Be Cause wIe, One" Sees Peace.
instead of a part from, "we won Be Cause wIe, One" Sees "a part of..."
instead of us vs. them, "we won Be Cause wIe, One" Observes a great Game.

weren't the olympics once regarded as "games"? did they become so nationalized? ..could the human ego have been involved in this?

in any event...

when we can shift the idea of "winning" to embrace the idea of One-ing, the players can really play. teams can sing together, after the game. ..actors can bow together, after the play. ..politicians (in theory, at least) could work together, after the election.

maybe (someday) the young humans might See Beyond the idea of winning, an embrace the fleeting concept Known as One-ing.

maybe (someday), "we won" can literally mean "we, One."

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