Friday, October 29, 2010

prana, water, ice

prana, water, ice [1]
by flo w. ing

solid, liquid, air
3-in-One (think twice)
no-thing left to spare (oh, dear!) with
Prana, water, ice

  • Unseen vibrational energy (Prana, or “life force”) slows down and flows down the hill as liquid, which, as it slows down further, becomes (apparently) solid.
  • but ice isn’t solid, at all.   ice is the “slowed-down” experience of Prana.
  • matter” is the experience of  slowed-down G∞d vibrations.

  • if thoughts didn’t slow down into words and deeds, and if thoughts immediately became reality, imagine how many people you might have injured (or even murdered) last week.  ..this is precisely why spirits (good or evil) have little (if any) physical effect on the physical world.
  • fast vibrations slow-down (or "man-i-fest") as man-kind, and that's good ..after all, we would not be able to experience the deliciousness of a kiss if one flickered on by like a thought in the mind.
  • material-man, the ego-side of G∞d, is no-thing more (or less) than the ability of Thought ItSelf to experience it-self.
the Trinity of Prana, water, ice re-Presents the paradoxical knowing that  
All Is One, simultaneously 
(even if it might not appear that way).  
    Prana cannot know He/rself, without slowing down into vibrational frequencies "different" from those of Prana.   hydrogen and oxygen unite (and slow) to flow.   water, in turn, can only know the ecstasy of flowing if it (first) experiences the coldness of ice.

    It is All just variations of the Same thing, in (apparently) different forms.

    (interestingly enough, the way that humans can speed-up G∞d vibrations is by slowing-down)


      [1] martino, j. (10-17.1-2010). book 68: wonder-full.© 2010 the graphics are from microsoft clipart, and the continuum was created using microsoft word's "drawing" toolbar.

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