Saturday, October 16, 2010


humans: incredibly adept at getting themselves out of 
the very holes that they've dug themselves into.

while the "miners" (in chile) are recognized as "heroes," mining...

well, take a looksie (by clicking below):

mining is akin to having alien beings bore hundreds of thousands of holes and tunnels into your body -- in an effort to withdraw substances that they deem valuable. ..mining stems directly from the human concept of "mine."

from a Oneness Perspective, mining and mines perpetuate the illusion that ownership is a result of possession. ..Onership, however, re-Cognizes that nothing (here) can ever Truly be "owned," and that true Onership of something is the experience of it and our Connection with it.

his-storically, "miners" have been abused, paid little or no wages, with little or no chance to ever enjoy the booty that they extricate from mother earth.

mining is a result of mine-ing, which is the antithesis of Oneing.

drill baby, drill?

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