Sunday, October 31, 2010

a tale of two halloweens

the first occurred on saturday night at the center street pub in cramerton, n.c., where julie was invited to provide tarot card readings during the monster-bash.  ..julie (of course) went as the tarot card reader, and i went as the host of christmas, present.


the second halloween went down at the Unity Center for Spiritual Living in charlotte, n.c. on sunday, 31 Unity, it's all about the kids, but the adults arrived in costume also.  .julie went as a football player (#11), and i went as the mafia.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


have you seen this bat?

last seen jogging on route 51 (in the area of reafield villiage)

Friday, October 29, 2010

prana, water, ice

prana, water, ice [1]
by flo w. ing

solid, liquid, air
3-in-One (think twice)
no-thing left to spare (oh, dear!) with
Prana, water, ice

  • Unseen vibrational energy (Prana, or “life force”) slows down and flows down the hill as liquid, which, as it slows down further, becomes (apparently) solid.
  • but ice isn’t solid, at all.   ice is the “slowed-down” experience of Prana.
  • matter” is the experience of  slowed-down G∞d vibrations.

  • if thoughts didn’t slow down into words and deeds, and if thoughts immediately became reality, imagine how many people you might have injured (or even murdered) last week.  ..this is precisely why spirits (good or evil) have little (if any) physical effect on the physical world.
  • fast vibrations slow-down (or "man-i-fest") as man-kind, and that's good ..after all, we would not be able to experience the deliciousness of a kiss if one flickered on by like a thought in the mind.
  • material-man, the ego-side of G∞d, is no-thing more (or less) than the ability of Thought ItSelf to experience it-self.
the Trinity of Prana, water, ice re-Presents the paradoxical knowing that  
All Is One, simultaneously 
(even if it might not appear that way).  
    Prana cannot know He/rself, without slowing down into vibrational frequencies "different" from those of Prana.   hydrogen and oxygen unite (and slow) to flow.   water, in turn, can only know the ecstasy of flowing if it (first) experiences the coldness of ice.

    It is All just variations of the Same thing, in (apparently) different forms.

    (interestingly enough, the way that humans can speed-up G∞d vibrations is by slowing-down)


      [1] martino, j. (10-17.1-2010). book 68: wonder-full.© 2010 the graphics are from microsoft clipart, and the continuum was created using microsoft word's "drawing" toolbar.

      Monday, October 25, 2010

      doggone Good!

      doggone Gd!

      for all of the God Lovers and dog lovers out there:

      Thursday, October 21, 2010

      the gratitude game

      this link (and video, below) was stolen from julie's facebook page. :)

      in my wellness classes, we practice an exercise similar to this using the 5-minute "gratitude game."

      it's amazing, how a minute or two of practicing gratitude can literally change one's physiology.

      plus, deepak chopra has a way of "inviting you in" to a meditation that is seldom matched.

      enjoy, and In-Joy!
      :)   -len

      Wednesday, October 20, 2010

      i fly on raindrops

      i fly on raindrops
      by p. rana

      flying high (on raindrops)
      dancing in a cloud
      there's a flash of Light that makes us want to sing out loud

      everything at One(ce) but with a certain sense of Peace
      Flying High on raindrops isn't just a destiny

      * inspired by a being that came to me as priscilla rana, on a rainy charlotte morning (10-20-2010)


      Sunday, October 17, 2010

      Saturday, October 16, 2010


      humans: incredibly adept at getting themselves out of 
      the very holes that they've dug themselves into.

      while the "miners" (in chile) are recognized as "heroes," mining...

      well, take a looksie (by clicking below):

      mining is akin to having alien beings bore hundreds of thousands of holes and tunnels into your body -- in an effort to withdraw substances that they deem valuable. ..mining stems directly from the human concept of "mine."

      from a Oneness Perspective, mining and mines perpetuate the illusion that ownership is a result of possession. ..Onership, however, re-Cognizes that nothing (here) can ever Truly be "owned," and that true Onership of something is the experience of it and our Connection with it.

      his-storically, "miners" have been abused, paid little or no wages, with little or no chance to ever enjoy the booty that they extricate from mother earth.

      mining is a result of mine-ing, which is the antithesis of Oneing.

      drill baby, drill?

      Friday, October 15, 2010

      the Unseen makes the scene

      the Unseen makes the scene
      by s. c. enery

      the Unseen makes the scene
      the Unseen makes the seen
      in the Here and Now wIe know 
      the Unseen makes the scene

      * the "Unseen" (or, put another way... "Source Energy") Creates the seen.  ..the phenomenon is similar to the way that y/our thoughts create y/our world. 

      * it could be said that "Spirit processes as Mind processes as mind processes as matter" (or body).

      * as quantum physics continues to show us that matter is (essentially) non-matter, it may become increasingly clear that the separation between the Unseen and the scene is merely an illusion.

      * in this Light, one might say that All. Is. One.

      Tuesday, October 12, 2010


      not for the weak of heart:

      Friday, October 8, 2010

      parkinson's (and other dis-of-ease-s)

      interestingly enough...

      • when we are doing what we LOVE, the effects are less
      • when we are grateful, the effects are less
      • when we take medication, the effects of the medication are worse than the effects of the so-called “dis-of-ease. 

      reference: click here for "i can't complain"

      the emotional neurophysics of basketball

      by now, everyone has seen the world famous "gc half court shot" video (second from the top, below).

      and you probably have asked yourself: "how did he do that?"


      now... for the first time ever, "coach L" reveals (behind-the-scenes) secrets in "the neurophysics of making any shot in basketball."'ll get the inside story -- the rough, grueling, no-nonsense approach to taking (and making) a last-second shot -- especially when the game is on the line.  

      you'll find the physics calculation itself to be astounding, but the real secret is the coupling of mental-mathematical-confidence (MMC) with intense focus (F) and emotion (E).

      x = V(A) = Wc (D)2 (T)
      divided by F(E)
      divided by (the square root of pie)
      multiplied by the constant "11"

      yes, coach L is a tad overbearing, but the results simply cannot be denied.

      turn the volume up, and enjoy:

      videos (actual footage, by the way) taken during and after class by ethan and kreston, on ethan's i-phone.

      Monday, October 4, 2010

      can i teach basketball, or what?

      yes, ladies and gentlemen, with a little coaching from yours truly, the student will surely blossom.

      click below for a 15-second video (starring ethan, as filmed by kreston) during
      PED 145 - beginning basketball.

      actually, the shot occurred after class, 
      during a "nobody goes home until somebody makes a half-court shot" session.


      Sunday, October 3, 2010

      a little his-story

      by amy s. toryeah

      outside of the box (but conventional)
      a party round the clock (but it's eventual)
      a day in the life in the life of a day (ain't that just the way it Is)

      don't ever let any body tell you any thing (ever) no
      'cause the only thing that (ever) matters is the way you wanna go

      inside of the box (boxed in) a game you can never win
      a party round the clock (but here we are back again)
      a time when it seems every one wants you to do it their way, but you just say

      not today
      no, no, not today
      no, no, no, not today (no way)

      outside of the box (but conventional)
      a party round the clock (but it's uneventful)
      a day in the life but it's just one day (ain't that the way it Is)


      ain't that the way it Is (yeah, yeah)
      ain't that the way it seems to be (to me)
      ain't that the way it Is (yeah)


      Saturday, October 2, 2010

      can't complain

      ladies and gentlemen,

      the next time that you (ever) hear me whine or complain, please refer me to this post and to this video.


      "my happiness was in direct proportion to my acceptance, 
      and in inverse proportion to my expectations."

      "we're number 1" (is an illusion)

      (inspired, today, by watching a college football game)

      we're number 1!
      we're number 1!!
      we're number 1!!!

      you've probably heard the chant (ad nauseum) from sports fans, political followers, and even nations. (intuitively) know that "we're number 1" -- when translated -- usually means "my team is better than yours" (or worse yet):

      we are better than you (or worse yet):
      i am better than you."

      another Truth (that you already know) is that there are numerous ways to define "number 1," and you also know that "any given team can defeat any given team on any given sunday". other words, the definition of "number 1" can depend upon the bounce of a ball, the call of a referee, or the timely pull of a trigger.

      it's an illusion.

      the illusion of "winning" creates an infinite number of "me vs. you" possibilities that perpetuate the egoic idea that we are separate, and that one can "win" over the other. ..the idea of "righteousness" implies that someone else is wrong.'s a song of praise to the ego.

      from a Higher Perspective, these epic battles can actually be Seen for what they Truly are: games within a Game within a GAME.

      from a Higher Perspective, the mantra:

      "we won Be Cause wIe, One"

      creates an aura of Unity that transcends the earth-bound battleground.

      "we won Be Cause wIe, One" Sees everyone as a Winner.
      "we won Be Cause wIe, One" Sees everything as a Game.
      "we won Be Cause wIe, One" Sees an interconnected Union: a Body, a Whole.

      instead of a piece, "we won Be Cause wIe, One" Sees Peace.
      instead of a part from, "we won Be Cause wIe, One" Sees "a part of..."
      instead of us vs. them, "we won Be Cause wIe, One" Observes a great Game.

      weren't the olympics once regarded as "games"? did they become so nationalized? ..could the human ego have been involved in this?

      in any event...

      when we can shift the idea of "winning" to embrace the idea of One-ing, the players can really play. teams can sing together, after the game. ..actors can bow together, after the play. ..politicians (in theory, at least) could work together, after the election.

      maybe (someday) the young humans might See Beyond the idea of winning, an embrace the fleeting concept Known as One-ing.

      maybe (someday), "we won" can literally mean "we, One."