Friday, September 3, 2010

silly moth

yesterday (while driving to work), i noticed a moth who was clinging to the glass, in the middle of my driver's side window. was odd, because he was getting blown back by the wind, yet managed to maintain contact with the glass.

i thought: do moths have sticky feet? is he doing that?

as my speed increased, he began to get smashed against the glass.  ..refusing to let go, his little moth head would bash up against the window (again, and again, and again).

i began to wonder if we (humans) were like moths, when we cling to the very things (e.g. thoughts, habits) that cause us pain. 


well (anyway), anyone who's ever driven in a car with a martineau knows that (in the 'neau) we pride ourselves on "talking" -- to g.p.s. systems, to other drivers, etc.  

in keeping with tradition, i found myself giving the moth some words of encouragement in a way that reminded me of childhood:

"hey, moth! ..what are ya, stupid or somethin'?"

"why would any self-respecting moth beat itself to death!?"

"don't you have anything better to do?"

meanwhile, his head is repeatedly banging off of the window...

((in times like this, the martineaumind can lean toward love, or toward evil.))

i began to envision what was going to happen in less than a minute, when i got on 485 north and kicked the supercharged prius into overdrive. ..i'd show this silly moth a thing or two, and it would be a lesson that he'd never forget!


anyway, i had to stop at a red light, at which point he decided to release and fly away.


right now, he's probably out there somewhere, blogging about how he'd harassed a silly human who was rushing to a phenomenon called "work."

the end.

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  1. my nephew (brian) just let me know that (1) this picture is of a butterfly, and (2) moths/butterflies indeed do have feet that are capable of adhering to the variable terrain of the apparently "smooth" glass.

    silly moth 1, silly lenny 0.