Saturday, September 11, 2010

quiet little candle (2003)

quiet little candle
 by candi light

quiet little candle
   small bouquet of flowers
      simple little vigil
         memories of ours
            lives no longer living
               sadness in your eyes
                  lonely little children
                     no time for goodbyes

  • it seems as though, every time you pick up a paper or watch the news, there is another vigil, another tragedy, another altar of candles and roses.

  • another symbol of our mortality, our “finite-ness,” and our limited little journey toward the Infinite and Unlimited.

written on september 11, 2003.

* graphic from microsoft clipart.

* the picture is an poster that i bought at a 9-11 memorial event in 2002. is 24x36' and was matted/framed by jim casey.

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