Sunday, September 5, 2010

girlfriend: Opti-mystic

 "in a world of mystics, wIe also Know of those who are called to be Optimystics."


Opti: Optimum, Abundant, positive, etc.

mystic: mystical, ethereal, connected with that which is unseen.

an Opti-mystic: a person who is abundantly connected with the positive; a person with the ability to See Beyond the dueling dualities -- into the mystical mystory that is the human experience.

being an Optimystic does not mean that you never get down. does not mean that you never worry. does not mean that you never experience the negative.

Be-ing an Optimystic means that you experience the full spectrum. (1) use your optimism to deal with challenges as they occur, and (2) allow that which is challenging to re-Mind you of all that there is to be grateful for.

Optimystic is a process.'s an unseen process that makes the scene.

thank you, jules, for Be-ing...

girlfriend: Opti-mystic

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