Tuesday, September 21, 2010


by ima ina big game

we sit around the table
we play our game of choice
we get into adventures and we make a lot of noise

as each game-board is dif-fer-ent (Essentially the Same)
a roll, a spin, a second skin; it's lose or win, with:


* our games of life come complete with Pre-game and Post-game, but that's a little hard to conceive (while in the game, and playing).

* series of events (while incredibly important during a game), have little to no effect on the Larger than Life experience that IS Pre/Post game. 

* each game-board is seen from the perspective of the Seer, and sometimes we get very "caught up" in the seenery.

* if you were asked, what would you name this (earth-bound) game?
  • "sense-ations"
  • "comedy channel"
  • "illusions"
  • "dance: a roller-coaster of pleasure and pain"
  • "amazed"
  • "lucky 11"
  • "sight unseen"
  • "Big Game"
your ideas?

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