Thursday, August 26, 2010


alternative title: the tao of tea-ching

teaching isn't easy, and maybe it isn't supposed to be.

teaching is learning: it's learning that you "know" very little.
teaching is sharing: it's a co-creative experience, a sharing of ideas, a collaboration of minds.
teaching is rewarding: it's an opportunity to connect with someone who might need someone to talk to.
teaching is humbling: it's not fun to stand up (in public), and lose your way.
teaching is fantastic: it's a means of self-discovery.

every student is a master,
every success is a celebration,
every disagreement is an opportunity,
every spark sends a ripple,
every problem begs a solution -- at a level sooooo different from the level of the problem.

teaching is learning is teaching: we are all student/teachers.


below: photos of tea-ching




* photo of the picture of the energy-anatomy man from the book "sacred mirrors" by alex gray

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