Saturday, August 28, 2010

spring lake beach

as a kid, my family did a lot of things together.

one of our rituals was to go to spring lake beach..spring lake beach is a beach, on a spring lake, in rhode island. had a little slide and a big slide. had a dock, where you could swim underneath. had a "penny arcade," which probably doesn't accept pennies anymore.

it had a concession stand, where they served the best of the best of french fries. family would always wait for the time when dad would allow for the purchasing of the fries, and we'd all dive in and try to get the best one.

my family went to spring lake beach today -- as a family.

i wasn't there to experience it "live," but i can only imagine the memories that were re-collected during this visit. all of you who were there, i can only ask:

"did you sing 'blinka, blinka, blinka' on the way home?"

i Love you,

click here for a tidbit about al martineau and spring lake beach

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  1. The arcade is sill one of the oldest penny arcades around. It still has 11 penny games, about 12 nickel games, and 17 dime games. The rest are on quarter play.