Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RI-tinerary, part IV

below, you'll find last week's tentative plan, and (in purple) i'll add any deviations -- with pictures.  ..please send me your pictures, so that we can make this post into a portfolio.  ..this post will cover the schedule from 8-10 august:

8 august: sunday
  • walk/jog/yoga
  • church with al and jo
  • went to sunday church services with larry and rosalie
  • al's birthday party, at a location to be determined
  • the party was at donna's house (food, bocce, marshmallows, fun!).
  • martineau family meeting (steve's?)
  • the family meeting took place on monday, at donna's
(need pictures, folks! :)

9 august: monday
  • drive to (outlaw) pete's house in new jersey
  • walk the boardwalk, down by the jersey shore
  • meet up with jim and sharon at the pier villiage in longbranch, new jersey (exit 105)
  • lunch at basil t's?? (in redbank)
  • said hi to jim and sharon, had lunch at basil t's..pete gave julie and lenny the jersey tour:
    • jersey shore boardwalks
    • donnovan's beachside bar
    • sunset grille
    • dinner on the bay
    • bon jovi's house (and several other celebrity household in the highlands)
    • mount mitchill scenic overlook (and the monmouth 911 memorial) 

10 august: tuesday
  • drive back to charlotte (11 hrs or so) 
  • or not
  • decided to stop in troutville, virginia, where we took a loooooooooong hike along the appalachian trail and to "sharp top peak" (one of the highest points in virginia).
  • for more on that, click here for the following post, entitled "oh, deer." 
uh, oh.


even after all of that, we didn't (actually) go straight home.

you see, north carolina is full of wineries, and each of them begs you in for a tasting.  

below: the last (surprise) stop before the end of a vacation that might not ever end.