Sunday, August 8, 2010

RI-tinerary, part III

below, you'll find last week's tentative plan, and (in purple) i'll add any deviations -- with pictures.  ..please send me your pictures, so that we can make this post into a portfolio.  ..this post will cover the august 5-7:

5 august: thursday
  • drive to portsmouth, new hampshire; drive through massachusetts 
  • made a quick trip to salem, mass
  • sleep at portsmouth naval shipyard, new hampshire (127826)
    • sailboats
    • gophers (did he say "gophers"?)
    • gulls
  • ate (lobstaahhhhs) at warren's in kittery, maine


6 august: friday
  • return to providence? or visit the coastline in maine? or???
  • toured the red hook brewery in portsmouth, new hampshire
  • drove to york beach, maine
  • drove back to al and jo's house
  • sleep (tba)
  • slept at al and jo's

7 august: saturday
  • morning yoga and walk at (tba)
  • house cleaning party at al and jo's
  • mini-jog and mini-yoga at metcalf park
  • house cleaning party included al, jo, clare, jerry, larry, rosalie, peter, sarah, cheryl, buddy, luke, liliana, john, steve, precy, jessie, kevin, lenny and julie.
  • ate pizza, etc.
  • walked/biked it off at lincoln woods (larry, john, precy, steve, kevin, jessie, julie and lenny)

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