Tuesday, August 10, 2010

oh, deer

for those who've followed the adventures on this blog for over two years, you know that a variety of animals have been involved in stories that you simply can't make up.

tuesday, as julie and i descended from the uninhabited pinnacle of sharp top peak (virginia), we spotted a wild deer.

instead of running away, the deer moved closer. ..within moments, three deer were checking us out (from just a few feet away).

for whatever reason, i held out my hand, and the doe began to lick the sweat off of my arm!

she allowed me to pet her head and her face, so...
...like any good martineau, i leaned in for a kiss, and suddenly:

oh, well... it's just another chapter, in lenny's wild kingdom.

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  1. Wow!! Lenny- great photos!! Where are you?

  2. hi, patty!

    i'm back in charlotte now, after a 13-day trek through 12 different states, visiting family and communing with animals.

    i'm about to write geo a "thank you" letter, as his recommendation helped to get me a full-time position at gaston college.

    life is cool (and hot) up here. how are you? how are things at CORE? how is george?

    let's chat,