Monday, August 16, 2010

off path

"on path, on glideslope"
-pilot (during an IFR descent)

during any journey, it is common to  travel "off path" from time-to-time. ..although the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, life isn't always linear.

is it ever?

the key, it seems, to getting back onto y/our path is to pay attention. ..there's always an opportunity -- to take a step back, to slow down, and to view the journey from a Higher Perspective.

earthly journeys come (complete) with wrong turns and regrets. ..the process of For-Give-ness allows us to understand the wrong turns, and to utilize past experiences for the making better decisions, Here and Now.

the Ultimate Level of Forgiveness includes "non-judgment," which removes the shame, blame and regret from the wrong turns of y/our past. ..nonjudgment allows for renewed freedom, in the Knowing that each of us does the very best that we can do (given our personal circumstances) in every, single moment.

as future wrong turns present themselves, maybe we can use our renewed freedom to help us to slow down, to contemplate the possibilities, and to take action in alignment with our vision of our Highest Self.

eventually, we might even tap into the Knowing that our Best Path has been refined and defined by our wrong turns.

eventually, the labels (off path, on path, wrong, right) fade away and blend into a personal mystory, entitled "the path to NowHere."

maybe, some day, when the curtain closes (and subsequently re-opens), we'll re-Cognize that there was Really no such thing as "off path."

* photo: "the path" was snapped on grandfather mountain, just off of the blue ridge parkway near asheville, north carolina.


  1. Len,

    I like this - makes me think. Hope you had a great day!


  2. jean!

    a Perfect Path with apparently i'mperfect twists and turns and chills and spills?

    quite enter-ain't-ing!

    i (for One) am glad that you're path and my path are intertwined.


  3. Len,

    That makes two of us! Our intertwining paths have certainly kept life interesting over the years.