Saturday, August 14, 2010

life is Good


life: the animated characteristics (senses, breath, growth, movement, reproduction) that distinguish a person, animal or plant from a rock (or a piece of metal).

life: the drama-filled roller-coaster ride experienced by earthlings in this, a relative world.

good: a term used for comparing different objects; refers to that which has desirable characteristics.

G∞d: Infinite Good (the All, the Is, the Absolute).  Omni, Wholeness, Oneness, Peace and Love (from a Nondual Perspective).

Life is good: implies that the experience of living is better than the alternative, while...

life is G∞d: is the sense that this (earth-bound) experience, in all of its dualistic appearance, is a Perfect Expression of that which is Nondual. is G∞d allows for Perfection to be Seen in the blemish, for Connection to be Seen in that which appears to be separate, for Love to be Seen through the veil of  fear.  

life is G∞d perceives life as a Play, a Dance, a Game, a virtual Reality Sit-Calm. is G∞d allows us to get caught-up and lost in the juicy flavor of the drama, while simultaneously Be-ing entertained by it.

life is G∞d is enter-ain't-ment: the doG channel, the a.m. frequency, the man-i-fest-ation

life is G∞d is exactly what you make of it... It's what you think of it.

life is G∞d...

and maybe (just maybe)...

 -the end

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