Sunday, August 29, 2010

dreams of rain

dreams of rain
by ray n. showers

wIe dream of rain (re-freshing)
wIe dream of rain: the storm
wIe dream of rain (depressing)
wIe dream of rain: the norm

wIe dream of water (cleansing) and wIe dream of flood (and pain)
wIe dream of what we're sensing and wIe Dream:

wIe dream of rain

* nightmare: lightning, floods, mud, wind, destruction, etc.

* happy dream: purging, sun-showers, sprinkles, water, cleanliness, rejuvenation, etc.

today (at Unity), a two-person choir sang a song entitled "i dream of rain."

for me, the song showed that there are numerous ways to perceive any particular event. all likelihood, the event itself will be "altered" (in some form or fashion) by the mindset and senses of the receiver.

-maybe we have a lot of control over the events that shape our lives.
.-maybe the most important factor is our ability to interpret an event.
..-maybe we're just dreaming?

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