Monday, August 2, 2010

covered bridge (an original)

ahhhhhhhh, the story of the covered bridge:

once upon a time, a good friend named jean mentioned that, in my will, she wanted a picture that i penciled as a child.  the picture was that of a covered bridge, and it was drawn using the jon gnagy "learn to draw kit."

instead of waiting until death, i decided to give her the picture as a gift, and she had it framed professionally. ..what i learned -- is that it is more fun to give someone something when you're alive, than the alternative.

when jean's house caught fire (less than two years ago), only a few items were spared. ..amazingly enough, the covered bridge picture survived because jean invested in the framing, which was badly burnt. ..before jean had the piece re-framed, she had it copied.  ..recently, during a visit, jean presented me with my own copy of the covered bridge, complete with the same framing that she has on her original.

now, our homes are Connected via covered bridge energy, and i'm not even sure what that means.

i Love you, jean,


* pictured are drawings -- all from the jon gnagy learn to draw kit.
  • wooden boat (or) son, set
  • rhode island red
  • fall back
  • covered bridge I
  • you've got mail (see john draw the mailbox, below)


  1. Len,

    You have no idea how much I love that drawing. When the fire destroyed my home, I thought for sure it was lost, thankfully, I was able to get it reframed.

    I'll never forget the day you gave it to me - on my graduation.

    I hope you and Julie are having a great time. Give my love to the Martineau side of the Montineaus.

    I love you,

  2. hey, jean montineau!

    the martineau side of your family wishes that you were here.

    jules and i are on a momentary sabbatical (in maine), chowing lobsters, seeking beaches, and sampling the local beverage situation.

    back home tonight, and we celebrate al's and clare's and stacy's and jerry's and jen's and cathy's birthdays on sunday.


  3. I still draw that bridge today. I teach painting,and my first two classes are drawing. What an influence. The first thing I have them draw is the covered bridge. Yes I had the first learn to draw kit.

  4. Hi, anonymous! It is soooooooo good to hear that the covered bridge lives on!