Monday, August 30, 2010

of caterpillars and butterflies

caterpillars and butterflies
by i. m. crawling

the caterpillar (innately) Knows that s/he Is (in Essence) something soooo much more than caterpillar..but can he who crawls have even the most remote idea of Butterflight? butterflies "come back from the dead" to tell caterpillars about the other side?

at times, i get the feeling that -- even though we can't help but think about it -- any attempt to describe Butterflight from the perspective of crawling... is an exercise in futility.

that being said, it is fun -- so long as the caterpillar doesn't take him/herself too seriously.

100 years

click on the audio (below) for a great youtube video/song about the romantic journey:


Sunday, August 29, 2010

dreams of rain

dreams of rain
by ray n. showers

wIe dream of rain (re-freshing)
wIe dream of rain: the storm
wIe dream of rain (depressing)
wIe dream of rain: the norm

wIe dream of water (cleansing) and wIe dream of flood (and pain)
wIe dream of what we're sensing and wIe Dream:

wIe dream of rain

* nightmare: lightning, floods, mud, wind, destruction, etc.

* happy dream: purging, sun-showers, sprinkles, water, cleanliness, rejuvenation, etc.

today (at Unity), a two-person choir sang a song entitled "i dream of rain."

for me, the song showed that there are numerous ways to perceive any particular event. all likelihood, the event itself will be "altered" (in some form or fashion) by the mindset and senses of the receiver.

-maybe we have a lot of control over the events that shape our lives.
.-maybe the most important factor is our ability to interpret an event.
..-maybe we're just dreaming?



an experience of Connectedness that transcends space, time and matter.


warm, gentle, com-passionate, inexplicable.


slow, purposeful, powerful, tiny.


quiet, en-our-mous, intertwined, blind.


mind, body, soul.  ..the Uni-verse in an Instant, the Omni in the micro, the mind-to-mind (from time to time):



Saturday, August 28, 2010

spring lake beach

as a kid, my family did a lot of things together.

one of our rituals was to go to spring lake beach..spring lake beach is a beach, on a spring lake, in rhode island. had a little slide and a big slide. had a dock, where you could swim underneath. had a "penny arcade," which probably doesn't accept pennies anymore.

it had a concession stand, where they served the best of the best of french fries. family would always wait for the time when dad would allow for the purchasing of the fries, and we'd all dive in and try to get the best one.

my family went to spring lake beach today -- as a family.

i wasn't there to experience it "live," but i can only imagine the memories that were re-collected during this visit. all of you who were there, i can only ask:

"did you sing 'blinka, blinka, blinka' on the way home?"

i Love you,

click here for a tidbit about al martineau and spring lake beach

Thursday, August 26, 2010


alternative title: the tao of tea-ching

teaching isn't easy, and maybe it isn't supposed to be.

teaching is learning: it's learning that you "know" very little.
teaching is sharing: it's a co-creative experience, a sharing of ideas, a collaboration of minds.
teaching is rewarding: it's an opportunity to connect with someone who might need someone to talk to.
teaching is humbling: it's not fun to stand up (in public), and lose your way.
teaching is fantastic: it's a means of self-discovery.

every student is a master,
every success is a celebration,
every disagreement is an opportunity,
every spark sends a ripple,
every problem begs a solution -- at a level sooooo different from the level of the problem.

teaching is learning is teaching: we are all student/teachers.


below: photos of tea-ching




* photo of the picture of the energy-anatomy man from the book "sacred mirrors" by alex gray

Sunday, August 22, 2010

flashback: hidden treasures, etc.

just when you thought that the martineau (thanks-Giving) gift exchange was over three months away...

GE08: Lenny opens his gift 1 from Ashley Martineau on Vimeo.

my gift (in 2008) was an excellent wood burnt "hidden treasure" which is the title of a thoetry book that was in the process of being written -- inspired by mike williams' vision. ..the piece now graces "g-willy's hidden treasures," a very special boat/bar in tampa, florida.

click here for g-willy's hidden treasures

click here for hidden treasures

click here for "goodbye, tampa"

click here for the earliest pictures of the boat/bar, in santa sighted: southeastern usa

Saturday, August 21, 2010


alternative title: life/Dance of the hummingbirds

"Dance" (with a Capital "D") alludes to "the Dance" or this earthly journey of life.

Dancing is filled with ups and downs, left-steps and right-steps, chills and spills, spins, falls, etc.

Dancing is experiencing. 

it could be said that each of us, in fact, every perceiving life form, is out Here -- on the cutting edge of the Dance: experiencing, recording, processing, and projecting.

Here, we experience the highest of Highs.

Here, we experience the lowest of lows.

Here, we step on each others' toes... a process figuring out how to better Dance.

on this, a saturday morning in august, i thank you -- for Dance-sing.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010



by i. m. sleeping

that's just the way it seems
a drift into a Dream

a drift into a Dream
with promises to keep
a drift into a Dream (it seems) 

* if a human, Be-ing experiences sleeping and dreaming, and if both of these experiences appear to be Real (at the time)... it possible that a "more Awake" aspect of ourSelf is experiencing "lifetimes" in a similar way? it possible, then, that an even "more Awake" aspect of that Self is expressing and experiencing?

(sorry -- it's the middle of the night, and i'm going to go back to sleep, Now)

((lots and lots of very vivid/instantaneous dreams, lately))

Monday, August 16, 2010

off path

"on path, on glideslope"
-pilot (during an IFR descent)

during any journey, it is common to  travel "off path" from time-to-time. ..although the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, life isn't always linear.

is it ever?

the key, it seems, to getting back onto y/our path is to pay attention. ..there's always an opportunity -- to take a step back, to slow down, and to view the journey from a Higher Perspective.

earthly journeys come (complete) with wrong turns and regrets. ..the process of For-Give-ness allows us to understand the wrong turns, and to utilize past experiences for the making better decisions, Here and Now.

the Ultimate Level of Forgiveness includes "non-judgment," which removes the shame, blame and regret from the wrong turns of y/our past. ..nonjudgment allows for renewed freedom, in the Knowing that each of us does the very best that we can do (given our personal circumstances) in every, single moment.

as future wrong turns present themselves, maybe we can use our renewed freedom to help us to slow down, to contemplate the possibilities, and to take action in alignment with our vision of our Highest Self.

eventually, we might even tap into the Knowing that our Best Path has been refined and defined by our wrong turns.

eventually, the labels (off path, on path, wrong, right) fade away and blend into a personal mystory, entitled "the path to NowHere."

maybe, some day, when the curtain closes (and subsequently re-opens), we'll re-Cognize that there was Really no such thing as "off path."

* photo: "the path" was snapped on grandfather mountain, just off of the blue ridge parkway near asheville, north carolina.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


while we might argue (ad nauseum) over the meaning of the word, "committed," our relationships might benefit (a tad?) from something like this, by michael ryce:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

life is Good


life: the animated characteristics (senses, breath, growth, movement, reproduction) that distinguish a person, animal or plant from a rock (or a piece of metal).

life: the drama-filled roller-coaster ride experienced by earthlings in this, a relative world.

good: a term used for comparing different objects; refers to that which has desirable characteristics.

G∞d: Infinite Good (the All, the Is, the Absolute).  Omni, Wholeness, Oneness, Peace and Love (from a Nondual Perspective).

Life is good: implies that the experience of living is better than the alternative, while...

life is G∞d: is the sense that this (earth-bound) experience, in all of its dualistic appearance, is a Perfect Expression of that which is Nondual. is G∞d allows for Perfection to be Seen in the blemish, for Connection to be Seen in that which appears to be separate, for Love to be Seen through the veil of  fear.  

life is G∞d perceives life as a Play, a Dance, a Game, a virtual Reality Sit-Calm. is G∞d allows us to get caught-up and lost in the juicy flavor of the drama, while simultaneously Be-ing entertained by it.

life is G∞d is enter-ain't-ment: the doG channel, the a.m. frequency, the man-i-fest-ation

life is G∞d is exactly what you make of it... It's what you think of it.

life is G∞d...

and maybe (just maybe)...

 -the end

Thursday, August 12, 2010


by justin r. own story

mysterious illusion
mystoryus: a Play
mysterious confusion
mystoryus: today

mysterious conjecture, here:  (no matter where you roam)
mystoryus adventure in a place not far from Home

* maybe each living thing (wIe) experiences its own, personal mystory by sharing a piece of the story with apparent others -- deep inside a Whole, mysterious space-of-Be-ing called "US."

the ultimate in day/night/day-time drama

this logo can be stated another way... 
using unconventional capitalization, coloration, and symbology:

life is G∞d!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what is family?

  • family is when your parents' arguments are (in Reality) -- expressions of Love.
  • family is when your three sisters have already found their True soul-mates, and their relationships reflect the security and ease of Soul.
  • family is ferries and boats and blocks and islands.
  • family is weddings and funerals.
  • family is brothers.
  • family is kids.
    • family is the embracing of kids as wisdom, and the embracing of kids as art, and the embracing of kids as the buffer of Love that allows parents the opportunity to say "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."
  • family is a walk around the park.
  • family is a talk, around the porch, after dark.
    • family is the for, in Forgiveness.
  • family is the experience of caring for another's human needs and desires enough to determine whether (or not) to attempt to meet those needs and desires.
    • family is a sense of allowing...
  • family feels really, Really, REALLY Good.
  • family spouts (a lot) about the "shoulds," -- but deep down inside, family wants each other to experience the variety and glory of his/her own way, at her/his own time, within her/his own  "mystoryus" Play.
  • family is much more than blood, and yet blood flows through family like energy through the meridians and chakras of the ocobodymind.
  • family is kind.
    • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
  • family Loves each other soooooooooooooo much that It Sees Beyond the jib-jab, It Sees Beyond the fear, It Sees Beyond the veil, and yes, It Sees Beyond all of this -- the illusion of separation.
  • family is United...
...and i'm not quite sure what all of this means. 

and i take this moment to be thank-full, for all of those of you, for the friends and blood relatives that are the expression of family itself.

thank you -- for Be-ing, family.

thank you,


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

oh, deer

for those who've followed the adventures on this blog for over two years, you know that a variety of animals have been involved in stories that you simply can't make up.

tuesday, as julie and i descended from the uninhabited pinnacle of sharp top peak (virginia), we spotted a wild deer.

instead of running away, the deer moved closer. ..within moments, three deer were checking us out (from just a few feet away).

for whatever reason, i held out my hand, and the doe began to lick the sweat off of my arm!

she allowed me to pet her head and her face, so... any good martineau, i leaned in for a kiss, and suddenly:

oh, well... it's just another chapter, in lenny's wild kingdom.

click here for "snakes alive!"

click here for "wild kingdom"

click here for "kissed by an angel"

RI-tinerary, part IV

below, you'll find last week's tentative plan, and (in purple) i'll add any deviations -- with pictures.  ..please send me your pictures, so that we can make this post into a portfolio.  ..this post will cover the schedule from 8-10 august:

8 august: sunday
  • walk/jog/yoga
  • church with al and jo
  • went to sunday church services with larry and rosalie
  • al's birthday party, at a location to be determined
  • the party was at donna's house (food, bocce, marshmallows, fun!).
  • martineau family meeting (steve's?)
  • the family meeting took place on monday, at donna's
(need pictures, folks! :)

9 august: monday
  • drive to (outlaw) pete's house in new jersey
  • walk the boardwalk, down by the jersey shore
  • meet up with jim and sharon at the pier villiage in longbranch, new jersey (exit 105)
  • lunch at basil t's?? (in redbank)
  • said hi to jim and sharon, had lunch at basil t's..pete gave julie and lenny the jersey tour:
    • jersey shore boardwalks
    • donnovan's beachside bar
    • sunset grille
    • dinner on the bay
    • bon jovi's house (and several other celebrity household in the highlands)
    • mount mitchill scenic overlook (and the monmouth 911 memorial) 

10 august: tuesday
  • drive back to charlotte (11 hrs or so) 
  • or not
  • decided to stop in troutville, virginia, where we took a loooooooooong hike along the appalachian trail and to "sharp top peak" (one of the highest points in virginia).
  • for more on that, click here for the following post, entitled "oh, deer." 
uh, oh.


even after all of that, we didn't (actually) go straight home.

you see, north carolina is full of wineries, and each of them begs you in for a tasting.  

below: the last (surprise) stop before the end of a vacation that might not ever end.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

RI-tinerary, part III

below, you'll find last week's tentative plan, and (in purple) i'll add any deviations -- with pictures.  ..please send me your pictures, so that we can make this post into a portfolio.  ..this post will cover the august 5-7:

5 august: thursday
  • drive to portsmouth, new hampshire; drive through massachusetts 
  • made a quick trip to salem, mass
  • sleep at portsmouth naval shipyard, new hampshire (127826)
    • sailboats
    • gophers (did he say "gophers"?)
    • gulls
  • ate (lobstaahhhhs) at warren's in kittery, maine


6 august: friday
  • return to providence? or visit the coastline in maine? or???
  • toured the red hook brewery in portsmouth, new hampshire
  • drove to york beach, maine
  • drove back to al and jo's house
  • sleep (tba)
  • slept at al and jo's

7 august: saturday
  • morning yoga and walk at (tba)
  • house cleaning party at al and jo's
  • mini-jog and mini-yoga at metcalf park
  • house cleaning party included al, jo, clare, jerry, larry, rosalie, peter, sarah, cheryl, buddy, luke, liliana, john, steve, precy, jessie, kevin, lenny and julie.
  • ate pizza, etc.
  • walked/biked it off at lincoln woods (larry, john, precy, steve, kevin, jessie, julie and lenny)