Thursday, July 29, 2010

this ain't Bliss

thisBliss [1]
by r. elativity

have you ever wondered why a "seeker" can appear to be chasing his own tail?  .you know the story: we search for 24-7-365 Bliss using every method in the book. ..swami beyondananda says that "there's a seeker born every minute, and two to take him along the path."

we eat, we fast, we work, we meditate, we exercise, we travel, we pray,
we contemplate the Universe, we read, we go to workshops, we learn, we teach…
…and we still end up with every neurosis that we began with,
maybe with a few more added on.

there’s a simple reason why a relative world will never be Blissful:

in a relative world, Bliss is relative.  in other words, the only way to re-cognize Bliss is to experience the absence of Bliss.  the Bliss-absence-Bliss process is actually a Perfect Process, and the only problem lies with the person who seeks Omnipresent Bliss, here.

in a relative world, everything cannot be equal.  not everyone will eat the same, look the same, earn the same, and live the same.  the attempt at legislating equanimity is an exercise in futility.   the idea that “everyone in the world can be fed” breeds a whole new set of relative problems, complete with the absence of Bliss.

interestingly enough, however, a human (Being) can live a relatively Blissful experience.  it’s simple:

re-Cognize that the absence of Bliss (in the present) is the potential for future Bliss. 

·       when non-Blissful moments arise, view them as a means, as a way, as a pointer away from Bliss.  then, take action via thoughts/words/deeds to experience more Bliss.   

  • when Bliss-full moments arise, wallow, wallow, wallow in them, and (this is critical) don’t expect the Blissful moment to last.  don’t yearn for your relative world to be Absolute.  think about it, we don’t want our relative world to be Absolute!

all pain and suffering is relative, and it stems from the natural back-and-forth ebb-and-flow of relative existence.  we transcend relativity when we Connect with the fleeting feeling of Oneness, which (literally) is out of this world.

so don’t worry about it.  y/our life is Perfectly Perfect, perfectly unfolding in a world of apparent i’mperfection.   

that, my friends, is this...

is Bliss.

-the end.

[1] martineau, l. (7-28.1-2010). book 68: wonder-full.© 2010

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