Tuesday, July 27, 2010


oh yes, sports fans... it's that time of year: your mind focuses on the northeast, your deepest roots begin to resonate, and your accent begins to change. ..you must be going to rhode island.

albert turns 87 on august 8th. ..eric's birthday is on the 1st, clare's birthday (the 12th), aunt stef (13th), stacy (16th), jerry (25th), jen (26th), cathy (30th), and brian and ashley's anniversary is the 31st.

i just found out (today) that jules will be able to make the trip.  ..the itinerary (below) is for family and friends that might want to play (or, better yet, to avoid):

the tentative plan

29 july: thursday
  • depart charlotte, north carolina, drive through virginia, maryland
  • sleep in carlise, pennsylvania
30 july: friday
  • depart carlisle, for providence, rhode island; drive through new york, connecticut
  • evening at al and jo's
31 july: saturday
  • morning yoga and walk at lincoln woods, rhode island
  • open day: let's do something!  how about a cookout at lincoln woods?  i can teach the kids how to kayak.
  • evening: waterfire in downtown, providence
1 august: sunday
  • walk/jog/yoga
  • church with jo and al
  • eric's birthday party, at john and patty's house
2 august: monday
  • morning yoga and walk at lincoln woods, rhode island
  • family day (open)
  • possible ferry, possible whale watching, possibilities abound
  • http://www.whales.net/whale_watch/scheduletickets.html. (adults: $45; seniors 62+ $40; children 4-12: $26; 3 and under free..small discounts [$3-5] apply if you get the local tourist guides and leave at 9 am.).  based upon traffic conditions, i'd recommend the 2 pm tour, which goes until 6 -- meaning we'll miss the rush hours and we won't have to depart providence at 5:30 am.
3 august: tuesday
  • clare's day
  • possible ferry ride to block island, rhode island
  • sleep at clare's
4 august: wednesday
  • donna's day
  • kayaking?  we're bringing 2 inflatable kayaks
  • sleep at donna's
5 july: thursday
  • drive to portsmouth, new hampshire; drive through massachusetts
  • sleep at portsmouth naval shipyard, new hampshire (127826)
6 july: friday
  • return to providence? or visit the coastline in maine? or???
  • sleep (tba)
7 july: saturday
  • morning yoga and walk at (tba)
  • house cleaning party at al and jo's
8 august: sunday
  • walk/jog/yoga
  • church with jo and al
  • al's birthday party, at a location to be determined
  • martineau family meeting (steve's?)
9 august: monday
  • drive to (outlaw) pete's house in new jersey
  • walk the boardwalk, down by the jersey shore
  • meet up with jim and sharon at the pier villiage in longbranch, new jersey (exit 105)
  • lunch at basil t's?? (in redbank)
10 august: tuesday
  • drive back to charlotte (11 hrs or so) 
  • or not

home, sweet hoooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

 click on the links below in preparation for the extravaganza:

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  1. Have I told you today that I am the luckiest woman in the world?

    Plan on hearing that a lot in the next 2 weeks...


  2. and here, i was...
    ...thinking that i was the lucky one.

    be veeeeery afraid, jules, if you find yourself uttering things like:

    "paaahhhk da caaaaah ovahh theyah!"


  3. Maybe others should be worried if they start uttering a few "y'alls" and maybe one or two "I'm just say in's"?

    And how about we just say, that for now...we are the luckiest TWO people we know!


  4. the clock it ticking...

    who will be the first martineau to utter the infamous phrase:

    "i'm just sayin!"

    of course, it would be even more dramatic with hands open, shoulders shrugged, in a modified "max move," knowingly shortening the phrase to the venerable:

    "just sayin."

  5. Ohhhhh, yay!!!! Looking forward to your trip up here! And thanks for the info! Whale watching sounds fun, I bet Lukas would LOVE it! If there is anyway you can get some more info on that for me, like cost and such, that would be great.
    Love you muchly!

  6. okay cheryl,

    i'll research this, and will post information about it sometime today!


  7. cheryl!

    i've posted the information about the whale watching. they informed me that the whale "situation" is the same, no matter if you take the 0900 tour or the 2pm tour.

    we'd need to arrive an hour early, so i recommend the 2 pm tour. they do not take reservations (1st come, 1st served).