Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oneness doesn't dual

Oneness doesn't dual
by d. o. ality

Oneness doesn't weep
Oneness doesn't rule
Oneness seems to sleep (somtimes), but
Oneness doesn't duel

* or... maybe Oneness does.

* maybe Oneness "man-i-fests" as In-finite variety (dueling/love-ing, separating/merge-ing, in-ing/out-ing, InSpiring/expiring). ..maybe the Absolute-One-All ex-Spir-iences, and maybe the relative, dualing Uni-Verse is one of the ways that the All, uh... "alls."

* maybe, duality is fun?

* maybe it is A-okay for any and every-one to experience Spirit/Love/Source/Whatever in he/r own way.

future thoem: 
Love = fear = e-go

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