Monday, July 26, 2010

Oneness Blessing

blessing [ˈblɛsɪŋ] - (from the online dictionary)
1. the act of invoking Divine protection or aid
2. the words or ceremony used for this
3. a short prayer of thanksgiving before or after a meal; grace
4. (non-christian religions / judaism) judaism. also called brachah brocho
...a.  a short prayer prescribed for a specific occasion and beginning ``Blessed art thou, O Lord…''
...b.  a section of the liturgy including a similar formula
5. approval; good wishes (her father gave his blessing to the marriage)
6. the bestowal of a Divine gift or favor
7. a happy event or state of affairs (a blessing in disguise)

Oneness Blessing
actually, it is impossible to label or describe, but here is a layman's attempt:

to bestow the gift of Love, Happiness, Goodness (etc.) onto another 
using hands-on techniques similar to reiki and therapeutic touch.

while it is easy for lenny's skeptical side to emerge during these types of gatherings, the group dynamic created a feeling of acceptance, Joy, Love, fun and Ease -- bringing new meaning to the idea of "It's All Good."

and that, my friends, can never be anything but mmmmm, mmmmmm, Good!

a special thank you to each of the student/teachers who Graced us with your most intimate thoughts, feelings, ideas and Blessings: diadra, cindy, van, zan, ron, kirby, carolyn, gwen, susanne, laurens, and julie.



provided below: links to my notes (thoems) Inspired by the Oneness Blessing and Diadra's workshop:

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