Wednesday, July 28, 2010

forbidden fruit

originally written on 7-14-2010, In-Spired by Grace Awakening Essence (2005) by Diadra, p. 115.

frowns (via disapproval or misunderstanding or righteousness) are the forbidden fruits in our Garden of Eden.  they spring from the tree of judgment, and, when consumed, create an illusion of separation between our (mini-me) self and our True Self.

maybe a man named adam was tempted with an apple (and maybe that story is just a way of expressing a relatively universal condition):

the human mind is "tempted" (in the Now) -- into the kind of criticism and gossip that can only stem from judgment, that can only stem from fear, that can only stem from the misunderstanding that there is some kind of separation between Source and Its creation. ..the only way that you and i see differences from the perspective of separation.

when a being "consumes" of the fruit of apparent separation, he experiences the hell associated with the absence of his True Essence: Unified, Connected Oneness. would be like the Sun's son (ray), buying-into the apparent experience of "cold, dark, and depressing" when (In Reality) S/He is the ray: Warm, Light, and Expressing.

the good news (and there's All-Ways Good news) is that the apparent separation is an illusion. ..the adam and the fruit/apple and the eve and the tree and the seed and the Source comprise a Harmonic Tapestry of Oneness and Unified relativity that comprise an inter-Connected soup that cannot be but One -- from the Perspective of the Stew.

Who New?

-the beginning


* note: never, ever believe any of this wIe-blogginess (heck, i don't, and this stuff flows through my apparent fingertips).

* instead, test it out for y/ourself:

- how does criticism, judgment and righteousness feel, in comparison to Praise, Understanding, and Comm-Union?

-would one way feel better than the other, in our day-to-day experience?

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