Thursday, July 29, 2010

this ain't Bliss

thisBliss [1]
by r. elativity

have you ever wondered why a "seeker" can appear to be chasing his own tail?  .you know the story: we search for 24-7-365 Bliss using every method in the book. ..swami beyondananda says that "there's a seeker born every minute, and two to take him along the path."

we eat, we fast, we work, we meditate, we exercise, we travel, we pray,
we contemplate the Universe, we read, we go to workshops, we learn, we teach…
…and we still end up with every neurosis that we began with,
maybe with a few more added on.

there’s a simple reason why a relative world will never be Blissful:

in a relative world, Bliss is relative.  in other words, the only way to re-cognize Bliss is to experience the absence of Bliss.  the Bliss-absence-Bliss process is actually a Perfect Process, and the only problem lies with the person who seeks Omnipresent Bliss, here.

in a relative world, everything cannot be equal.  not everyone will eat the same, look the same, earn the same, and live the same.  the attempt at legislating equanimity is an exercise in futility.   the idea that “everyone in the world can be fed” breeds a whole new set of relative problems, complete with the absence of Bliss.

interestingly enough, however, a human (Being) can live a relatively Blissful experience.  it’s simple:

re-Cognize that the absence of Bliss (in the present) is the potential for future Bliss. 

·       when non-Blissful moments arise, view them as a means, as a way, as a pointer away from Bliss.  then, take action via thoughts/words/deeds to experience more Bliss.   

  • when Bliss-full moments arise, wallow, wallow, wallow in them, and (this is critical) don’t expect the Blissful moment to last.  don’t yearn for your relative world to be Absolute.  think about it, we don’t want our relative world to be Absolute!

all pain and suffering is relative, and it stems from the natural back-and-forth ebb-and-flow of relative existence.  we transcend relativity when we Connect with the fleeting feeling of Oneness, which (literally) is out of this world.

so don’t worry about it.  y/our life is Perfectly Perfect, perfectly unfolding in a world of apparent i’mperfection.   

that, my friends, is this...

is Bliss.

-the end.

[1] martineau, l. (7-28.1-2010). book 68: wonder-full.© 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

forbidden fruit

originally written on 7-14-2010, In-Spired by Grace Awakening Essence (2005) by Diadra, p. 115.

frowns (via disapproval or misunderstanding or righteousness) are the forbidden fruits in our Garden of Eden.  they spring from the tree of judgment, and, when consumed, create an illusion of separation between our (mini-me) self and our True Self.

maybe a man named adam was tempted with an apple (and maybe that story is just a way of expressing a relatively universal condition):

the human mind is "tempted" (in the Now) -- into the kind of criticism and gossip that can only stem from judgment, that can only stem from fear, that can only stem from the misunderstanding that there is some kind of separation between Source and Its creation. ..the only way that you and i see differences from the perspective of separation.

when a being "consumes" of the fruit of apparent separation, he experiences the hell associated with the absence of his True Essence: Unified, Connected Oneness. would be like the Sun's son (ray), buying-into the apparent experience of "cold, dark, and depressing" when (In Reality) S/He is the ray: Warm, Light, and Expressing.

the good news (and there's All-Ways Good news) is that the apparent separation is an illusion. ..the adam and the fruit/apple and the eve and the tree and the seed and the Source comprise a Harmonic Tapestry of Oneness and Unified relativity that comprise an inter-Connected soup that cannot be but One -- from the Perspective of the Stew.

Who New?

-the beginning


* note: never, ever believe any of this wIe-blogginess (heck, i don't, and this stuff flows through my apparent fingertips).

* instead, test it out for y/ourself:

- how does criticism, judgment and righteousness feel, in comparison to Praise, Understanding, and Comm-Union?

-would one way feel better than the other, in our day-to-day experience?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


oh yes, sports fans... it's that time of year: your mind focuses on the northeast, your deepest roots begin to resonate, and your accent begins to change. must be going to rhode island.

albert turns 87 on august 8th. ..eric's birthday is on the 1st, clare's birthday (the 12th), aunt stef (13th), stacy (16th), jerry (25th), jen (26th), cathy (30th), and brian and ashley's anniversary is the 31st.

i just found out (today) that jules will be able to make the trip.  ..the itinerary (below) is for family and friends that might want to play (or, better yet, to avoid):

the tentative plan

29 july: thursday
  • depart charlotte, north carolina, drive through virginia, maryland
  • sleep in carlise, pennsylvania
30 july: friday
  • depart carlisle, for providence, rhode island; drive through new york, connecticut
  • evening at al and jo's
31 july: saturday
  • morning yoga and walk at lincoln woods, rhode island
  • open day: let's do something!  how about a cookout at lincoln woods?  i can teach the kids how to kayak.
  • evening: waterfire in downtown, providence
1 august: sunday
  • walk/jog/yoga
  • church with jo and al
  • eric's birthday party, at john and patty's house
2 august: monday
  • morning yoga and walk at lincoln woods, rhode island
  • family day (open)
  • possible ferry, possible whale watching, possibilities abound
  • (adults: $45; seniors 62+ $40; children 4-12: $26; 3 and under free..small discounts [$3-5] apply if you get the local tourist guides and leave at 9 am.).  based upon traffic conditions, i'd recommend the 2 pm tour, which goes until 6 -- meaning we'll miss the rush hours and we won't have to depart providence at 5:30 am.
3 august: tuesday
  • clare's day
  • possible ferry ride to block island, rhode island
  • sleep at clare's
4 august: wednesday
  • donna's day
  • kayaking?  we're bringing 2 inflatable kayaks
  • sleep at donna's
5 july: thursday
  • drive to portsmouth, new hampshire; drive through massachusetts
  • sleep at portsmouth naval shipyard, new hampshire (127826)
6 july: friday
  • return to providence? or visit the coastline in maine? or???
  • sleep (tba)
7 july: saturday
  • morning yoga and walk at (tba)
  • house cleaning party at al and jo's
8 august: sunday
  • walk/jog/yoga
  • church with jo and al
  • al's birthday party, at a location to be determined
  • martineau family meeting (steve's?)
9 august: monday
  • drive to (outlaw) pete's house in new jersey
  • walk the boardwalk, down by the jersey shore
  • meet up with jim and sharon at the pier villiage in longbranch, new jersey (exit 105)
  • lunch at basil t's?? (in redbank)
10 august: tuesday
  • drive back to charlotte (11 hrs or so) 
  • or not

home, sweet hoooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

 click on the links below in preparation for the extravaganza:

typical rhode island wake-up conversation

happy birthday mom

just another morning


Monday, July 26, 2010

blowing rock, n.c.

after the Oneness workshop, we visited "the blowing rock," which is located in blowing rock, n.c.

because of the air currents that flow upward at the rock, reports of levitation, etc. are woven into the legendary tapestry.

although we didn't levitate, we did enjoy the t-shirt that said:

blowing rock, n.c.
"dude... i think this
whole town is high."
elevation 4000 ft.

Oneness Blessing

blessing [ˈblɛsɪŋ] - (from the online dictionary)
1. the act of invoking Divine protection or aid
2. the words or ceremony used for this
3. a short prayer of thanksgiving before or after a meal; grace
4. (non-christian religions / judaism) judaism. also called brachah brocho
...a.  a short prayer prescribed for a specific occasion and beginning ``Blessed art thou, O Lord…''
...b.  a section of the liturgy including a similar formula
5. approval; good wishes (her father gave his blessing to the marriage)
6. the bestowal of a Divine gift or favor
7. a happy event or state of affairs (a blessing in disguise)

Oneness Blessing
actually, it is impossible to label or describe, but here is a layman's attempt:

to bestow the gift of Love, Happiness, Goodness (etc.) onto another 
using hands-on techniques similar to reiki and therapeutic touch.

while it is easy for lenny's skeptical side to emerge during these types of gatherings, the group dynamic created a feeling of acceptance, Joy, Love, fun and Ease -- bringing new meaning to the idea of "It's All Good."

and that, my friends, can never be anything but mmmmm, mmmmmm, Good!

a special thank you to each of the student/teachers who Graced us with your most intimate thoughts, feelings, ideas and Blessings: diadra, cindy, van, zan, ron, kirby, carolyn, gwen, susanne, laurens, and julie.



provided below: links to my notes (thoems) Inspired by the Oneness Blessing and Diadra's workshop:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

the birds and the bees

up here on high, at Wings, the many, many hummingbirds share/battle with bees (along with each other).'s a dance of harmony that appears to be more fun than terror-torial.

separation and Unity

this short (must see) video provides a glimpse into the harmonious/separate/Unified/diversified underwater world.

thanks, clare!

Oneness doesn't dual

Oneness doesn't dual
by d. o. ality

Oneness doesn't weep
Oneness doesn't rule
Oneness seems to sleep (somtimes), but
Oneness doesn't duel

* or... maybe Oneness does.

* maybe Oneness "man-i-fests" as In-finite variety (dueling/love-ing, separating/merge-ing, in-ing/out-ing, InSpiring/expiring). ..maybe the Absolute-One-All ex-Spir-iences, and maybe the relative, dualing Uni-Verse is one of the ways that the All, uh... "alls."

* maybe, duality is fun?

* maybe it is A-okay for any and every-one to experience Spirit/Love/Source/Whatever in he/r own way.

future thoem: 
Love = fear = e-go

Friday, July 23, 2010


beginning yesterday, jules and i began a 4-day Oneness retreat in boone, n.c. ..we are staying at the Wings of Spirit house, up in the blue ridge mountains, with six other student/teachers and two facilitators.

i don't expect to be able to describe/define "Oneness," although this whole website represents a haphazard attempt to point toward It. any event, there is no doubt that a few days in the mountains (discussing Peace, Love, Joy and Gratitude) will do us Well.

below: Wings of Spirit (Diadra's house)

below (1st floor): the great room

below: the dining room

below: the living room

below: the "angels" bedroom

below: our bedroom - "mountain view"

below: the deck

below: one of 11 trillion hummingbirds (more on that later)

yes, yes, yes... it's another mini-journey, within a journey, within a Journey, with-In.