Friday, May 28, 2010

seattle, washington: day 4

julie arrives on the scene
above/below: pike st. brewery, seattle

below: pike market, seattle

oregon: days 1-3

it's been two days (so far) in oregon, and the weather theme has been rain, drizzle, clouds, etc.

instead of getting down about not being able to hike, pete and i shifted focus. see, oregon is well known for its vinyards and brewpubs.

the pictures (below) help to describe how the story has unfolded:

the beginning: bridgeport brewery (portland, oregon)
super 8 motel
thompson brewery (a subsidiary of mcmanamins

stephanie (the bartender) marcus, and holly provided us with tourist suggestions

great harvest bread house (salem, oregon)
mahan, mike and several customers helped us plan a wine-tasting tour, and 
the pursuit of the elusive pino noir grape

redhawk winery (north salem, oregon)

cubanisimo  vinyards

 pete and briana (our wine server)

willamette valley winery (oregon
lois and rachel served up an unending selection of vino
the gate (and our car) the brand-new toyota camry 

left: deer, conducting an oregon grape-tasting tour

villiard street pub: eugene, oregon 
home of the oregon ducks, and, (of course) "big foot"

oregon dunes national recreation area
oregon’s pacific coastline (seals, gray whales, cliffs, powerful surf)

rogue brewery (newport, oregon), next to
the great american inn at yaquina bay

depoe bay
below: depoe winery

.........................pete, at the sea hag
below: the coast guard rescues a surfer...
just north of newport, oregon
below: pete, brian and ashley
on the beach in lincoln city, oregon
below: dinner at brian and ashley's place
below: a lazy river

Sunday, May 23, 2010

act (very) locally

in a time when global issues can seem overwhelming, there's a tendency to focus on the outer (with blame) while ignoring the Inner.

Truth of the matter is, there are numerous things that wIe, as an individual, can do-Be-do, in order to clean up our own In-vironment. ..we can:

1. consider that which wIe are putting into our mind, and make changes as desired...
2. consider that which nourishes our Spirit, and align with Ease, Happiness, Truth, and Love...
3. consider that which we put into our bodies, and really observe how we feel, afterward...
4. consider our relationships, and do what is necessary to For-give, to under-stand, and to Nurture...
5. consider our consumption, and do whatever we can to care for our Mother, Earth...
6. consider our thoughts, and shift focus to that which helps us smile...
7. consider our words, and use only those that support and praise...
8. consider our deeds, and take actions in alignment with that which we Know is help-full...

while a medical/media-oriented world wants us to think (and fear) globally (while becoming increasingly numb), we can literally change the channel, and tap into that which (locally) feels Good.

and that, my friends, is Wellness, in a nutshell.

and you-me-you, right Here and Now, are the very seed of y/Our vibrant future.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


alternative title:  
every-thing (really... Really) 

in a world where No One is your friend, and where Everyone is your Brother/Sister, and where the most coveted of Jewels simply appears at your doorstep...

every-thing (really, Really, REALLY) is...


* oysters need sand, in order to make pearls, and
* butterflies need the experience of caterpillaring, in order to (one day) fly, and
* seminoles need gators, in order to Play, and
* girls need boys, in order to re-Create, and
* coal needs pressure, in order to birth a diamond, and
* democrats need republicans, in order to mass-debate, and
* green energy needs oil spills, in order to convince us of the need to convert, and
* anti-matter needs matter, and
* the idea of "right" needs the idea of "wrong," and
* this needs that, relatively speaking, and
* we need they, in order to Know who we are, and
* Light needs shadow (the absence of Light), in order to experience ItSelf, and
* Love (literally) needs ego (the illusion of the absence of Love), in order to experience H/ErSelf tangibly...


...every thing is not only okay, but it is also Perfectly Perfect, setting us up for the act of experiencing ourselves through It.  ..every, single piece of sensory data that wIe pick up...

(literally, one-in-a-trillion)
. Perfectly de-signed to catapult us to the next Higher Level experience... that can only catapult us to the next... and the next.

(even when it doesn't seem that way)

It's a fail-safe system, and
as No One might say:

"wIe've got no choice in the matter."

is it time to switch to solar & wind energy?

answer: (duh... yup. ..several years ago)

alternative title: what's the (uh) rush?

picture yourself, living-out the rest of your entire life 
 in your beautiful, warm, crystal-clear hot tub.
imagine that the water in your tub is responsible for the healthy re-production 
of hundreds of thousands of the most delicate processes in your body. 

imagine if (uh, oh) due to an accident, two or three small oil leaks appear at the bottom of your hot tub.

imagine that the leaks are constantly spewing motor-oil into your crystal-clear water. ..imagine further, that your hot tub has an automatic system of circulating the oily water throughout y/our entire area. 

now imagine that the company (whose oil is leaking) has "teamed-up" with a "govern-ment," and that they've decided to:

1. burn a fraction of the oil off of the top of the tub, and
2. dump permanent toxins into your tub in order to keep the oil from getting to the surface, and
3. place three or four toothpicks (called "oil booms") approximately 1/100th of an inch away from the edge of the tub, in order to "block" the oil from making landfall (whaaa?), and
4. write letters to each other, in order to decide how much information that they'd provide to you, and
5. hope and pray that ill-fated solutions might (with luck) eventually stop the spill...

...while telling you that they'll soon be forming a committee to investigate the safety of the thousands of other oil rigs that are already operating in your hot tub.

imagine if the oil spillage continued for a month (or worse yet, several months)?

imagine if...

(question: do you think that things could get any worse,
during the june - october hurricane season?)

for an answer to that... periodically, uh...
(1) cycle your hot tub's jets, then
(2) soak, then
(3) repeat.


* maybe, just maybe, it's time for humanity to consider switching to solar and wind energy sources.