Monday, April 5, 2010

labels of fear

every now and again, you'll observe a forwarded e-mail that rants on and on, comparing "conservatives" to "liberals."

the e-mail begins by labeling people into one herd or the other, and then it goes about the process of promoting one team while thrashing the other.

it's sport-y!

often, the e-mail will state something like "this isn't open for debate," or it will completely ridicule one group, and then goad you into forwarding the e-mail (unless of course) you are in the "wrong" group. 

have you ever known a person who was "conservative" in some ways, yet "liberal" in others? 
is it possible to be moderate

conservative ---------------------------------------------------- liberal

is it possible to be, say... "fiscally conservative" and "human rights liberal" at the same time?  ..does one have to be either one or the other?

in a black/white world (of course), you're either "pro-life" or "pro-choice."

(one quick look around shows that this world is far from black/white)

of course, two-party systems make for great debate, and debating gives people something to do (especially when they've got nothing better to do).

if ego tends toward different-i-ality, separation, relativity, and fear...
...then labels are egoic, in nature.

a more Love-ing, Unified perspective might be that we are All earth-lings, and (maybe) we can coexist, cooperate and coordinate for the betterment of the Whole, while (simultaneously) acting as in-divid-uals.

maybe we can steer clear... from labels of fear.

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