Friday, April 30, 2010

organized chaos

alternative title: "you might as well go down swinging.

anyone who has ever been to a big-time professional golf tournament knows about organized chaos.  

imagine 50,000 people with no assigned seating, over the course of 18 holes and several threesomes. ..further imagine that half of those people are consuming copious amounts of adult beverages.

the sun was high in the sky, the course was green (except for the greens), and the fans were very respectful of the tiger -- even as he experienced the worst round of golf of his professional life..

to me, the intriguing thing had nothing to do with his play or the score. had to do with a person who has had the most personal of personal information dissected by the piranha-like media, only to get back out onto the course and play the game. ..i admire that.

throughout the event, you can't help but overhear the underhanded remarks made by those who have no idea of what another person is going through in his/her life.

maybe there's a part of us that feels sooooooooo inadequate that we focus upon the successes/failures of others in order for our egos to prove that we are somehow separate from them.

the (big) learning point (for me, today) was that wIe are not separate.  

((you and i are connected in ways that we could never, ever image-in.))


sidenote: here's what i felt, today:

i felt a bunch of people, wishing that we could possibly forgive ourselves of all of the thoughts, words, and deeds that have come to fruition (during this lifetime) via our ocobodymind.

at the same time, however, i felt a sense of okay-ness... a sense that each of us was already Perfectly Perfect, just the way we are...

there was a sense of a Perfect Uni-Verse, a Perfect unfolding, a Perfect under-standing, a Perfect-ly expanding Uni-Verse.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Game

Big Game
by m. o. nopoly and l. ife

big game down at the hollow (with a lineup with big names)
big game: today the hunter, but tomorrow you're
big game

* it's a strange world, where one day you can be at the top of your game, but the next day you are the game. 

* maybe this Whole thing... is One, Big Game...

.....-complete with chills and spills...
.....-Complete: with the (apparent) thrill of victory and the (apparent) agony of defeat.

* maybe we're just going around in circles.

* maybe it's time for tee.

-graphic by microsoft clipart.

"it's your karma"

it's your kar-ma
by swami beynodananda


swami's mother: "oh, swami. ..why does this always happen to me?"

swami: "what is it, mom?"

swami's mother: "swami...'s my old chevy wagon... it's dented and it rattles. ..the tires are bald, the brakes squeak, and paint is chipping off of the hood. leaks oil, and there's a crack in the windshield. ..the driver's-side seat is worn and uncomfortable, and the radio only tunes-in to the frequencies that i don't like!"
"why is all of this happening to me, swami, why?"

swami: "uh, well... it's your car, ma."


* story, paraphrased from swami beyondananda (click here) on "the yogi from muskogee"

* picture "kar-ma" taken on caye caulker, 2009 by l. martineau.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it's All good karma

karma: the idea that "every thought or word or deed that we give out will revisit us as an experience."'s the notion that "what goes around comes around," etc., etc.

what if...

every, single thought, word and deed (even the "bad" ones) were part of a Larger phenomenon that was hell-bent on getting to Know Itself via evolution? other words, what if Goodness experiences more Goodness by experiencing that which appears to be bad?  

 huh? other words, doesn't a Play (one with a Happy ending/beginning/ending) need some unhappiness, if only as a reference point? ..would you pay to watch a 120-minute movie that consisted of nothing other than "Good" projected onto the screen... or would you prefer a little variety?

what if... the Uni-Verse Is Happy, from beginning-to-end, eternally?

what if... It's All Good?

what if... the cutting edge of Goodness (the "farthest thing away" from Good) is merely that which we label as "bad," while (simultaneously) It's All Good?

what if... darkness is but an illusion, propagated by a momentary experience of "away" from Eternal Light? ..what if Light needs a different perspective, in order to experience Itself as Light?

what if... every-thing: All-Right?

what if... the only karma is Good karma?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

to hold you like an Angel

to hold you like an Angel
by n. o. worries

to hold you like an Angel
so gentle in the night
to hold you like an Angel (that's when everything: All-Right)

to hold you like an Angel
so gentle (yet so deep)
to hold you like an Angel (with no promises to keep)

there's nothing i Love more... than
to hold you like an Angel


* with Angels, there's never a reason for "shoulds" or "woulds" or "coulds"... 

...there's just a feeling of Closeness
of Togetherness
of Oneness
of Love.  

it's like holding a baby.

it's not a "holding back," but rather, a Connection With.

when someone holds you like an Angel...

there's no need for promises
there's no need for performances
there's no need for you to be anything other than exactly who you are, right Now...

...and, when LOVE Is (and when you can feel it), she will:

hold you like an Angel.


* graphics by microsoft clipart.

life is but a Dream

life is but a Dream
by l. ucidity

life is but a Dream
no matter how we row
down (or up) the Stream, it seems,
at rest or on the-go

life is but a Ride, be it safely or extreme
and there's no place to hide (In-side), when
life is but a Dream

* click here for "life is a ride"

* click here for "ex-Streams"

* pictures of one, cool inflatable kayak (destin, florida).

Monday, April 26, 2010


ether: the regions of space beyond the earth's atmosphere; the heavens. ..the element believed in ancient and medieval civilizations to fill all space above the sphere of the moon and to compose the stars and planets.

ether, in physics: an all-pervading, infinitely elastic, massless medium formerly postulated as the medium of propagation of electromagnetic waves.

ethereal: characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible. ..highly refined; delicate.
..of the celestial spheres; Heavenly. ..not of this world;  Spiritual.

earth-e-real: earthly, yet Spiritual. ..material, yet i'mmaterial., yet everywHere.


* definitions (ether, ethereal) found at

Sunday, April 25, 2010


by o. b. jection

board the flying saucer
Liquid Goodness (noon)
taking-off and landing (all the doors will open, soon)


* when you're in the flying saucer, it doesn't matter if it's t-shirt, tee time, buffet line, or nursery rhyme... all you Know is that this small space-ship in this small galaxy is at the Center of your magnificent Uni-Verse.

* everything you'd ever need to Know:


* graphics by microsoft clipart 


click on the link, below, for a glimpse into thoughts (and seeds): 

13 june..... seeds (2008).doc

* graphics (here, and on the link) by microsoft clipart

grounded for life

"you are grounded for life!" is one of those anger-filled, fear-full li(e)nes expressed by a parent whose child has practiced some form of nonconformity.

what (pray tell), does "grounded" Really mean?

to be "grounded" or "here" implies that a human, being, is very Aware of he/r earth-bound surroundings.  ..s/he understands the nature of things, and s/he is natural.

"grounded" also implies that s/he is balanced, and that he/r mater-i-al essence is Aware of the fact that s/he is a Spiritual Being, having a momentary physical experience.

S/He is an Expanding Universe, enjoying some very miniscule earth-e-real time.

s/he is not "ground-in" or overly attached to he/r physical experience, but rather, s/he is...

grounded for Life.  


* description of "groundedness" by julie b.

* picture ("grounded," 2008) of krazy katie from canada, on kuatu island, fiji.

* inspired, in part by the "re-velation" that wIe live in an expanding Uni-Verse.

Friday, April 23, 2010

everything is Angels

everything is Angels
by A. N. Gels

everything is Angels 
(even in disguise)

even when the odds are that the wanting is unwise
even in the darkness
even in the rain
even in the Ease-y Path that takes us Home, again

odd, how even everything is Always never wrong
even in the meaning of this very silly song

everything is Angels 
(even in the pain)

even in the Ease-y Path that takes us Home, again


* everything is Angels, right Here, right Now, in Heaven, on earth.

* pictures by l. martineau (sunrise; sunset 2009); rendezvous caye, and caye caulker (belize). 

Thursday, April 22, 2010


by w. e. align

event-u-ally Light
event-u-ally High
event-u-ally Height
event-u-ally Sky

event-u-ally (when?)
event-u-ally (how?)
event-u-ally (where?)
event-u-ally (Now) 

event-u-ally (what?)
event-u-ally (who?)
event-u-ally (when?)
event-u-ally (You)


* event-u-ally: the phenomenon in which life's events affect "u" (us) to the degree that wIe (eventually) "ally," or join.  ..It Is an All-I-gnment, a Bond-ing, a re-UnIon, a re-Member-ing, a re-Joy-Sing, a re-Collection...

...and on, and on, and on...


* picture: "fiji blue" by l. martineau


Wednesday, April 21, 2010



1. the greatest or utmost degree or point.
2. either of the two things situated at opposite ends of a range.

ex-Stream: that which was formerly the Stream, but is now experiencing itself as otherwise (see "extreme").

according to Abraham-hicks, "paddling upstream" is futile, because "everything that we want" is downstream. fact, she insinuates that wIe are the Stream, but we experience ex-Stream/extreme in order re-Cognize that "going with the flow" is not only easier, but It Is (event-u-ally) inevitable.

in other words, paddling against the current allows us to determine what we don't want (e.g. dis-ease), so that we can desire what we do want (Ease), which defines the cutting edge of the Stream's flow.

the Good news is that It Is a fail-safe system, and experts in Nonduality can be very much tapped-into this Knowing, a lot of the time.

the other Good news is that It Is a fail-safe system, and those who paddle extremely hard against the current are co-Creating just as much as those who are Highly Evolved.

the (drum roll...) Really Good news (for those who duel/dual) is that Every-One of us is Highly evoLved, and the Stream is Perfectly Unfolding, Flowing in All of Its Glory, any-way.

the (end?) result... is the best ride in the Uni-Verse.

 -the end/beginning/begend/Now


* definition of "extreme" by the free online dictionary

* pictures of streams (in north carolina) by l. martineau.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

free won't

free won't
by fre e. will

free to choose your future
free to marry ("dooooon't!")
free to lose (or leave confused), i'm unamused: 
free won't

* inspired by florida state university, and alfred mele's research into free will, for which the john templeton foundation has given a 4.4 million dollar grant.

* although research by benjamin libet (1916-2007) led to libet's deduction that free will doesn't exist, mele believes that parts of libet's research process were flawed. is interesting to note that, although libet rejected the idea of free will, he did believe in "free won't," the idea that humans were free to decide what not to do.


* near the turn of the century, a man named albert used the term "dooooooooon't" as a one-word guideline regarding the practice of what not to do, in terms of marriage.


* research by kathleen voh and jonathan schooler showed that those who read a "no-free-will" passage were more likely to cheat, while roy baumeister found that "reducing people's belief in free will..." makes them "more likely to lie, cheat, steal, hurt an innocent person, and conform mindlessly to what others say." (1)

* with all of this research going on, i'm choosing to withhold opinion on the free will controversy, for Now. ..but is that simply a willingness to practice free won't?


1. pool, robert (2010). the willing mind. research in review, p. 28. spring, 2010: florida state university.

note: this whole post (thoem included) was written in order to print the title, which (from a wordplay perspective) is great fun (i.m.h.o.). could say that i had no choice but to post it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

yang and yin

yang and yin
by yina n. d. yang

yang and yin held hands and vowed (forever to be friends)
opposites attract (a simple act) of yang and yin



* graphics by joal martino, except for the yin/yang circle (with the yellow background), which is by melanie marquis.

* maybe Hommmmmmmme simply Is, while all of this yinning and yanging and coming and going is One Way that Home experiences Itself.

* maybe the Play comes Complete with actors, whose Soul purpose is the apparently oppositical reflection of Oneness, Known (lenierly) as "enter-ain't-ment." 


Saturday, April 17, 2010


by a. r. riving

leave: to exit, to go away; to distance.

leave: to express; to Be, in the the sense that your expression is simply an extension of who you are, and your leaf-ing is your current, cutting-edge expression of YOU, U-ing.

it (Really) isn't that hard to Be-leaf.


eleven million leaves

eleven million leaves
by a. r. rival

eleven million leaves

eleven trillion s-Ways
eleven million movements (in the spring) of april/may
eleven trillion never-ending possibilities
eleven million movements, Now,

eleven million leaves


* inspired by sitting on the porch, looking out over the trees  

* the one picture, "dancing tree," is from a free internet source (just google "free" and "dancing tree"). ...(4-21-2010) upon further review, (according to "visual funhouse"), click "dancing tree" (above) to learn about carol fraser, her art, and the dancing tree...this is unconfirmed, as i tried to e-mail carol and my message was returned as undeliverable...upon even further review, i tracked down one of carol's blogs... click ..i have asked carol about the picture, and am awaiting a response. -len

* the other pictures were taken by l. martineau, at various locations.