Thursday, March 4, 2010


by nott a. waistline

fermions and bosons
tiny tic of time
fractions of an era in a space of yours and mine

Unity (in theory)
Nothing matters (much)
fractions of a nanosecond, here in time of


* GUT (grand Unified theory) outlines an "era" that occurred within a teensy-tiny fraction of a teeeeeeeeensy-tiny fraction of the first second of the birth of our universe (below):

"we will call the period beginning at 10-43 second and ending at 10-35 second after the Big Bang. the GUT, or grand Unified theory era. ..this was an era of very high temperatures, with the energy of collisions ranging from 1019 GeV at the beginning to 1015 GeV at the end. ..during the GUT era, then, there were only two kinds of particles: fermions (leptons and quarks, now understood to be identical) and bosons (the X-particles, gluons, vector mesons, and photons). 2006 experiments at fermilab found that a type of B-mesons (Bs) switch between being matter and antimatter some three trillion times a second."    (JST-TMC,1983, p.155)(Econ, 4/22/06, p.77)

cpt. kirk: "did you say that sub-atomic particles 'switched' between matter and anti-matter some three-trillion times per second?"

mr. spock: "it's only a theory, captain..."

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  1. i didn't somuch as write this post, as i felt it in my GUT.