Wednesday, March 31, 2010



imbedded in the word "confidentiality" is the word "confident."

it is so, so easy to talk about others (especially the deep, dark deeds of others)...
...but something that is just as easy is to forget the obvious:

when we talk about others, 
we are actually saying a lot more about ourselves then we are about them.

 it's important to really, really think about this one.

if we were to peel back the layers of the gossip-onion, we'd find deep, dark, personal, internal messages, like:
  • i'm not okay.
  • i'm not worthy.
  • i don't feel good about myself.
  • i'm in pain.
  • i fear that i'm not love-able.   
think about it: when anyone says anything negative about anyone else, ever -- they are (really) spouting the above bullets. usual, the outward appearance is that the bullets are headed downrange, somewhere -- but we all know that gossip is a self-inflicted wound.

note: some of us (even talk-show hosts?) spout these messages quite loudly.

note: when we listen to the chatter, we are part of the problem (and not the solution).

in the world of therapeutic massage, the typical classroom setting provides students (and teachers) with many, many, many opportunities to practice the cornerstone of our profession: confidentiality.

let's practice it, together, Now.


* pictures from microsoft clipart

* note: lenny, this message is being sent to you (from you) as a gentle, self re-mind-er.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


by t. eary and ima bit mental

senti-mental journey
senti-mental Play
senti-mental me-mories on senti-mental day
senti-mental moments (in a place and time: eventful)
senti-mental Uni-Verse, when we get

* inspired by re-viewing the following "top 10" posts, and by thoughts of life/death.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


by lenny 

triangulation: a term used in orienteering, research and relationships.  it is a technique by which a navigator can pinpoint or define an unknown location by using two known locations.  in research, triangulation refers to a process of validating the analysis by using two (or more) research methods to “triangulate,” thereby getting a better perspective of that which is being observed.

in relationshipsuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

triangulation happens all of the time, when three people know each other.  here’s how it works:

“given a group of three, when one member is absent,
the remaining two will talk about the one who is absent.”

the (above) quote shows another, very good reason to stay Present,
but that’s another story, in and of itself.

in triangulation, when two people are talking/gossiping about a third, an interesting phenomenon is taking place:

  • if the self-esteem of the talkers is healthy/high, they will tend to focus on the positive aspects of the absent individual.

  • if the self-esteem of the talkers is unhealthy/low, they will tend to focus on the negative aspects of the absent individual.

this phenomenon also occurs constantly in the media, and media-ocre-ite (viewer) is bombarded unendingly with the low self-esteem projections of (apparently) confident media personalities who are (very likely) miser-able.

but this is the interesting part:

the talking/gossiping does not mean that all talkers/gossipers are “bad” people.  all it means is that they are actually saying more about themselves than they are about the third party.

  • judgment defines the judge

  • Praise defines the appraiser

  • criticism defines the critic

  • Forgiveness defines the For-giver

  • anger defines the angry

  • Love defines the Lover

  •  shame and blame define the bestower

…but there’s even a deeeeeeeeeper level, Here:

triangulation doesn’t define the person, but rather, it un-covers how an individual is feeling at that particular moment.  it allows us to introspectively determine whether we are moment-arily centered in fear or in Love; in ego or in Union; in physical or in Spirit.

once we Awaken into self-Consciousness, we can then decide how to proceed from tHere.

-the Beginning.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grand, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omidirectional, Diversified theory

Grand, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omnidirectional, Diversified (GOOOD) theory states that:

* there is One Presence, One All -- Whole, Complete, Gd, Perfect... man-i-festing as an infinite possibility of diversified time/space experiences, past and future, everywHere, Now.

mathematically stated:
One = I, Now, All-ways

symbolically stated:

-the end?

calm Unity

when we say it fast, "calm-Unity" can be pronounced "community."

it's a combination of Peace and Unity, with like-minded people cooperating and collaborating. ..when i moved out of tallahassee in 2007, it was the first time in 20 years that my community wasn't contained in a local area.
 i've missed that.

luckily, blessed with a marvel-ous family/friend/global community, the 2.5 years have been years of growth and expansion. ..thank you for being a part of that.  

now, it appears as though i'm ready to r-evolve into a Calm-Unity setting of epic proportions.

poised, ready...


Friday, March 19, 2010


by y. ou and m. e. us

"wIe" is the logo for the wellness education institute, which is soon to become wellness education international. ..the logo re-presents Us-ness, in trinity.

click the pic (to enlarge)

Level One: Wholeness, Oneness, All-ness, Goodness. Level One, It Is All Good, Omnipresent, Now, and forever.

level 3: separation, ego, fear. .. level three is a necessary e-veil (if you will) -- assuming that Level One ever wants to get to Know Itself from an objective point "outside" of Itself.  ..level 3, we see, is perspective, in action. is never (really) separate, for no thing is a-part from or outside of the All.

Level 2: Level 2 is the Connection between Level One and level 3. . It is Whole, yes.  ..It is Spirit, yes...
...and it is also that which experiences It-Self in man-i-fest (or physical) form. ..those who are tapped-in to Level 2 are probably able to manipulate or trans-form the physical world, at will. ..their Spirit would be Whole, if you will, and they would probably walk on water, here.

levels One, 2, and 3: catholics might refer to this type of Trinity as "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."  ..St. Patrick might use a shamrock to explain this phenomenon. ..wellness literature refers to the mind-body-Spirit trinity.   

trinities are everywhere (in nature), and it is fun to explore the possibilities, in threes.

"wIe" embraces the you and the me in I (or Us)...

...and i'm not (really) sure what all of this Really means.


by r. e. find

to lose yourself to find yourself to analyze the cost
to analyze the win again, to find that we are

* "winning" is an illusion, so long as there is a loser in the mix.

*  the very cost of winning is losing, insomuch as 'to defeat someone' is to prove that we are separate from them.  maybe the whole premise of separation is a losing proposition.

* the good news (and, of course, there's All-Ways Good news), is that the insanity of separation points directly back to the Knowing that "lost" (like dorothy's experience, in "the wizard of oz"), is but a temporary dream.

...a veeeeery temporary Dream.

"lost" (of Course) is itself an illusion, because we can't ever be disconnected from that which we are.

"lost" is actually a pathway to a re-find sense of re-Member-ing., and reMembering is the re-Cognition that we never weren't Unified in the First No-place.



* question: does a double-negative equal something positive?

-1 x -1 = One

* picture (above): "the path" is a trail on grandfather mountain, n.c.


by m. one-y

wIe choose "heads or tails" (and the party has begun)
living with two opposites amid the Whole in One


* it's not a coincidence somuch as a coin-ci-dance.

martineau, l. (3-5.3-2010). book 68: wonder-Full. copyright 2010 by; graphics by microsoft clipart.  inspired by thoem titles from the post entitled "Now and then" (click here).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

of shamrocks, St. Patrick, and the color "green"

click here for (what appears to be) GREAT info.

happy St. Patrick's day!

you, New!

for a little wellness fun (and rejuvenation), this summer...

summer wellness series: you, New! (2010).doc

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

engulfed by one's own blanket

the phrase "engulfed by one's own blanket" could conjure up images of entrapment or restriction, but there's a deeper meaning Here (as usual).

when the blanket is protective, when the engulfment is comforting, life is Good.."one's own blanket" hints that we, as individuals, are but a small p-art of a larger One (or Oneness), and One's own blanket refers to the built-in blanket of Love that embraces All that Is.

Love (with a capital "L") Is All, and It Is Its own blanket, engulfing/embracing all of the off-springings of Source energy, All at One[ce].  

It's All for One and One for All,
at the Same (No)time,

soft, nice, wonder-full

the title (above) is today's mantra


just thinking about it -- helps me breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeethe...

Monday, March 15, 2010

'neau news is good news (part II)

 (this one is just for me)

based upon a lightning-quick pre-view of today's "news," it is obvious that all forms of media need to be taken with an extremely tiny grain of gives people something to talk about, right up until the next installment, which is only a few seconds away.

http://news: "reporter initiates hoax, reporting that russia is invading georgia"

http://news: "runaway prius: questions raised about driver"


bad news: news that focuses upon negatives (almost all news)

old news: news that happens to be more than a few seconds old (almost all news)

good news: no news

no news: good news

question: when new[s] gets old (all-ways), what's new?

_____________________________________________________ werent there.html news.html'neau news is good news.html new?.html

epilogue: it's good news that news is (now) so sensationalized, so ridiculous, and so erroneous that no one (really) takes any of it seriously. .."wolf!" has been cried one-too-many times, and news now amounts to a backdrop or canvas that provides people with a way to tap-into their own behavior patterns, viewings, and discussions.

(aren't they all?)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

“It is your storybook, and you, my friend, are the master of its pages”

the title of this post is a sign of budding genius (or jeannie-us, as it were). 

it is a quote from someone (who will remain nameless) toward a buddy of his (who will remain nameless).  ..both of the young men are in their teen years, yet soooooooooo much wisdom is packed into life, nowadays.

while i did not create, invent, or recite this line, i'd like to echo it -- to you (and to my-self) -- so that wIe might wallow in its Eternal Splendor.

“It is your storybook... 
and you, my friend, are the master of its pages.”


blue angels

pretty cool video.
i think that (near the end) they were flying over the beach in pensacola, florida.

thanks, jim, for the link.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


environ-mental: the phenomenon in which an individual's environment literally shapes her/his psychological/physical experience, mood, demeanor, etc.

an environment that is heavy on television, media, checkout lines, traffic, criticism, judgment, blame, etc. could easily lead to temporary insanity.

an environment of Bliss, however...
interestingly enough, the bodymind who has the most control of y/our environment is sitting somewhere very, very close, right now.

let's get environ-mental.


* picture from destin, florida (circa de 2005) by l.martineau

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

shipwreck at sea

while snorkeling over the shipwreck "antilla," you can get an eerie feeling, sometimes.  ..below you is a former ship, broken into bits and pieces. ..huge chunks of metal are strewn about -- covered with barnacles and debris in the aqua-blue water.

the visibility was (maybe 60 feet), so the other feeling that you get is that you are in the middle of a big, blue ocean, and there are other creatures (there) that can (literally) have you for lunch. some points, like in the picture (above), all you can see is blue.

the mind can also connect with the emptiness of dying at sea -- of "going down with the ship" -- of drowning. a way, it was scary. another way, it seemed as if drowning might be a peaceful way to die.  

i remember thinking: "you've got to die of something."


death at sea is quiet, serene, tranquil. ..your Spiritual essence vacates the physical body once you've "gone down for the last time."  by the time the physical body ceases to breathe, "You" are already long gone.

it's a lonely death, but it doesn't take too much time.  ..30-60 seconds, at best. most instances, the hypothermia places you in a trance-like state anyway, so it's a final re-lease, of sorts.  for pirates and wartime sailors, "drowning" might be an inviting scenario, compared with hand-to-hand mortal combat, cannonballs, bullets, and bombs.

in "the perfect storm," george clooney's character (capt billy tyne) doesn't even try to swim to the surface. ..totally submerged and inverted, underneath 30-100 foot waves, he just takes a look out of the porthole, smiles, and eases himself back into the captain's area (to die).

* maybe this is where some of last week's "the future passed away" (click here) came from.

Monday, March 8, 2010

to swim against the current

to swim against the current
by s. almon

to swim against the current
to wallow in the past
to worry about future
to get to nowhere, fast

* of course, the flip-side is that "swimming against the current":
  • builds strength and endurance
  • is practiced routinely, in nature (after all, flying "into the wind" creates "lift")
  • helps to re-fine our ability to lessen resistance
  • allows us to co-create flow
...and on and on and on...

* yes, this blog might also be entitled ("bi-polar-us")

* pictures of sky mountain's stream (north carolina), and a trout in that stream, swimming against the current (2008, l.martineau).

* question: during the journey Home, is a salmon getting nowhere, or does s/he experience NowHere?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

kukoo kunuku

alternative titles: 

"tonight's gonna be a good, good night"
"who let the dogs out?"
"good times never seemed so good"

...or any of the plethera of sing-alongs from last night.

if you have a bucket list, go ahead and add "kukoo kunuku" to your list.
if you don't (or even if you do), i'm adding "turning you on to kukoo kunuku" to my list.  

aruba must be visited again, if only to go kukoo.

"kukoo kunuku" is an aruba phenomenon. begin by boarding a brightly colored bus, and you take a little ride to the lighthouse for a champagne toast to the sunset. ..seems simple enough.

below: donna and tom sign-in, with "momma"

 left and below: the inside of the party-bus (or was it a moving dance floor?)


as you can see (below), each person is loaned a set of maracas, to help you lose your inhibitions...

...which takes (roughly) about a fraction of a second.

below: kate, janet and marsha

after sunset, you venture to the home of aruba ambassador (atan lee) for a bit of dinner.

 if you dare... you get a temporary, hand-painted tattoo.


donna went with a parrot (below). ..there were several photographs of (optional) "body-paint," but no-one on our bus ventured into topless/bottomless mode (at this juncture).

left: momma, showing off her tattoo.

it must be said that momma carries the evening. ..from an enthusiastic welcome, to a rousing toast/speech, to being a cheerleader and an instigator, momma sets the tone with lines like:

"tonight, kukoo kunuku is your designated driver, 
but i'm your momma!"

below: nice digs... dinner is basic, as in (basically) fuel for the night ahead).

..............above: tom, lynn and donna

...and then the party (really) gets started: it's a bus-pub-crawl, complete with costumes, dancing on bars, and other forms of ritualistic bonding.

above: momma leads a busride sing-along to "sweet caroline" ("ba-ba-ba!),
which proved (once again) that the journey is just as much fun as the destination.

(truth be told, maybe more!)

neal diamond: "good times never seemed so good"
us: "so good! so good! so good! so good!"
below: the first bar: la rumba cafe'

left: jackie (with the head-dress) and her entourage, on the dance floor. ..they saved their best dancing for next bar and (of course) for the bus-ride home.
below: donna and tom play guitar
above: myl, our sweet bartener-ess

above: dancing the night away to "tonight's gonna be a good night!"

below: lenny, alexis, and dean


oh, well... all good things must come to an end/beginning/end, 
so it's back on the bus... 

left and below: during this roving party, you "occasionally" harrass people on the street

below: the u-wanna-beer bar, which could have easily been named 
the u-wanna-dance-on-the-bar

since our busload of roving partiers was the only entertainment, 
we (basically) took over every venue that we entered.

luckily (for me), and quite honestly... my camera's memory card became full at about this point, so i have no more pictures. ..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

to all of my kukoo kunuku bretheren, please send your pictures to me, 
and i'll upload the appropriate ones.

momma (of course) had all of us gentlemen climb-up onto the bar (with her), and we had to put on crazy hats -- then take off our shirts -- and then act out the "Y-M-C-A!" song... 

(donna will forward those pictures once she and tom get home, next week sometime).

the rest of the night was spent howling with new friends. ..the final bar was a disco, but that was only preparation for the greatest dance-party/bus-ride home ever experienced.  ..departing guests were encouraged to honor the recent full-moon, as each said goodbye (in his/her own, unique way) at various resorts and hotels.

this kukoo event will be experienced again. ..the only questions are:

1. when?
2. will you be there, next time?

hasta luego.