Tuesday, February 23, 2010

we weren't there

this post is going to address one of the most destructive, seductive behaviors in all of mankind:

the reason for this address is that, in a very subtle manner, media has not only condoned gossip, but media has also taken gossip to new level of media-crity.

people actually get paid to gossip, and people actually get paid to take pictures of others (often in compromising situations) for the purpose of gossip..not only that, but there is a mainstream phenomenon (disguised as something that you "need") that can only be defined as "low-level, nasty, slimy, dirty negative gossip." ..it, my friends, is called:


have you ever wondered why you feel "icky" after reading or watching the news? ..have you ever wondered why it never feels good to talk about others' dramas and issues (behind their back)?

think about it... rate how you feel, on a scale from 1-10, the next time that gossip is being spread. ..rate yourself again, using the same scale, the next time that you are involved in praise and/or compliment.

the illness-centered, energy-sucking practice of gossip has become so mainstream that certain business leaders honestly believe that reading several newspapers and watching several news shows per day actually helps someone become a better leader/manager.  

are we insane? ..is that a rhetorical question?

recently, i got caught-up in a discussion about someone (who i'd never met)... who had engaged in questionable behaviors with another person (who i'd never met)... who was the child of a famous person (who i'd never met).

at one point, we (the discuss-ed-ers)  re-Cognized our own negative gossiping, and one of us stated:

"wait a minute... we weren't there."

imagine how much time (and heartache) would be saved if humans employed a few simple practices:

1. don't say anything negative about anyone (especially true if s/he is not in-on the conversation).
2. don't listen to anything negative about anyone (because that's what fuels the gossip-fire).
3. if you weren't there, then it is none of y/our business.

problem: if we practiced #1 and #2 above, all news shows, newspapers, and most popular magazines would go out of business.

benefit: if we practiced #1 and #2 above, all news shows, newspapers, and most popular magazines would go out of business.

imagine if we could actually go through the grocery store checkout line without getting sucked-into the perusing of pictures, of headlines... of the very stuff that makes us feel ill.

-the end


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  1. Ah, true, too true.

    Loved your term "discuss-ed-ers" (bet you meant "disgusted-ers").

    Sis and I were talking about this just yeaterday...it was noted that, during our one-hour and 10 minute phone conversation, we had not "trashed" anybody at all!!! A new World's Record! But seriously, we are usually pretty depressed after a bashing-session. It DID feel good not to have 'done anybody in'.

    It is SO EASY to gossip. And yes, our mainstream media encourages it, and that is our excuse to perpetuate it. How sad.

    I'm disgusted - with attitudes in general, and my own in particular.
    It's time to make a change in my behavior, and perhaps in some tiny way influence others around me. Will it be hard? Most likely. But I am gonna give it a go.

    Do some supermarkets have "tabloid-free" aisles???

    xoxoxo, me

  2. wow. i agree totally, of course.

    clare, i want to practice this also!

    we can make a pact: whenever one or the other of us re-Cognizes gossip, we can (gently) re-Mind each other by changing the subject (or something like that).

    in health care, confidentiality is the law. i'm getting better, but life would be even more of a Good, lucid Dream if i could eliminate all gossip from my radar.

    any movement toward this goal will result in Higher-Level Wellness.


  3. and yes, you were right about the "digusted-ers" comment.

    also, we (and women especially) would benefit greatly by never having to stand-around in the grocery store checkout isle.

    media's perpetration of the "beautiful female" is unattainable, air-brushed, and ridiculous.

    if i had a young daughter, i'd keep her away from tv, news, media, and "checkout" lines.

    len (on soap-box)

    (it's time for me to get back to writing about Love, baby, yeah!)