Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i'm not far away

i'm not far away
by i. m. right Here

i'm not far away
when the sky is dark
when we go outside and take that walk on through the park

when the See is stormy
at the end of day
you can Be secure in Knowing

i'm not far away

you can Be secure, this morning:
I'm not far away

* pencil drawing "God" by nick dunn

* yes, "See" is spelled correctly (for the purpose of this thoem)

* yes, a lot can happen in a small space of lenier time (or was that linear time?). ..what, pray/tell... is lenier time? ..should it be spelled "lennier time"?


  1. I always suspected that God was black. And looks just like Morgan Freeman.

  2. hey, sue!

    nick was five years old when he drew the picture, so maybe children understand that God would transcend race (and in this case, gender).

    a quick google search showed that morgan freeman has played the role of "God" twice in films. in fact, one article was entitled "morgan freeman is tired of playing God."

    somewhere in-between childhood and senility... somewhere in-between science and art...

    someday we might figure it all out...

    but, then again, why try?
    lenny (on a role)