Sunday, February 28, 2010

of sunsets, full moons and beach towels

above: a 4cm tsunami impacts upon the unsuspecting island of aruba.

left: the devastating aftermath. 

below: is that a second tsunami wave?)

above: early preparations for the full-moon beach party

left: full moon

 ...and (below), from the book "101 best uses for a beach towel," the undisputed, number 1 use is...

marriott's aruba surf club

i arrived before donna and tom, so i checked-in (with their confirmation code). room is a completely sectioned-off "studio," connected to the master suite by a double-locking doorway.

both rooms have an overlooking view of the lazy river (more on that later) and the ocean. ..this is where pete, cat and i stayed only a few short years ago -- and it is very, very nice!

survival vs. thrival

survival: the thoughts, words and actions that stem from a need for short-term satisfaction, based upon a world of fear and lack.

thrival (not a word, yet ;) : the thoughts, words and actions that stem from Seeing Beyond fear and lack, into a world where the self is but a small part of a symbiotic, Whole-agraphic, Harmonic, a-bun-dance of Love. ..thrival re-cognizes fear, and thrives nonetheless.

yoUga (yoga with a Capital YOU): the re-Cognition and Knowing that All Is a Perfectly unfolding Flow-er, no matter what form it happens to be expressing at Present.

-the end


by m. edia ocre

stay tuned for the horror (as we put on our disguise)
more and more (that's what's in store), a bore:


* for over 23 hours, news reporter "experts" used graphs and charts and diagrams and fancy visual aids to "inform" us about the progression of the "tsunami" resulting from chile's recent earthquake. was like watching the aquatic version of "balloon boy."

* when they reported that "four-to-five-foot waves" had "struck" hawaii, i thought: "don't four or five foot waves always strike hawaii?   

but... when they reported the "four-centemeter tsunami" that "hit" one of the islands off the coast of japan, well... that was downright embarrassing. ..for them -- and for me, because i was momentarily "tuned-in."  

the 4cm tsunami report actually came across like
a straight-faced, stand-up comedy routine.

"hawaii dodged a bullet" read the headline. 
what did japan "dodge" -- an angry bucket of salty water?

* of course, the media faux pas was overshadowed by constant flashbacks to recent death and destruction, interviews with earthquake victims, and the like. ..and of course, the reporter followed-up the 4cm tsunami "report" by reminding us that we shouldn't downplay the situation, because much bigger waves might still be bearing down on japan

"it could be hours before we know for sure. ..stay tuned."

* from reality t.v. shows to the weather, to the government to the heartbreak of a.d.h.d., there's no shortage of people who are ready, willing and paid to sensationalize the story just enough to hook you in -- until the next story -- which is just a few seconds away.

it's sense-ational. .. 
and it doesn't really matter if it's anywhere close to the truth.

p.s. let's pretend (for a second) that the reporters really think that we really believe that somebody can actually measure a 4cm "wave" as it impacts upon an island...

...but seriously...

don't they know that we know that a four-centemeter wave is less than half of the length of a baby's baby finger

i mean, this is the ocean, right?????

* picture (above): the great aruba tsunami of february, 2010: if you look closely, you can clearly observe the devastation caused by the water as it impacts against the sides of the glass container. ..the fake flowers have bloomed in advance of the wave (as a precautionary measure).

"film at eleven." 

* btw: because of chile's earthquake, haiti will be "old news" -- until the day when there is nothing else for reporters to talk about.

* in related media-ocre news, click here for "we weren't there."  

* obviously, this post is not to downplay the danger of earthquakes/tsunamis, balloon boys, or a.d.h.d.'s to re-mind myself that media (by it's nature) has, as its primary goal, getting us to tune-in. ..truth in reporting is not the primary goal, and you already know this. ..without even trying, the media cannot help but sensational-lies.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

day One

day One in aruba was fairly uneventful, as i'm here a day before donna and tom arrive.  ..i hadn't booked a room, and decided to wing-it when i got here.  the worst case scenario would have been to walk the beaches all night and find a hammock at sunrise.

as luck would have it, i found a place that is walking distance to the beach.

full moon right now...


on the plane, i met several people (while standing up, in the back, sneaking-in a tree pose or two) -- many who were on their 5th, 10th, 30th visit to the island.'s what the arubalovers are saying:

  • the water is good.  you can drink it out of the tap -- which means that the food is good, even after you wash it with the water.
  • aruba is small. can see it all very quickly, giving you more time to lounge at the beach and do nothing.
  • there's nothing to do, so you can't help but read your book (under a palm tree, on the beach).
  • there are trees on the beach.
  • the natives are much more friendly than on other caribbean islands.
  • there's not a poverty problem, so you don't get the begging or the overbearing street salespeople.
  • they use the u.s. dollar.
  • arubians, for the most part, speak several languages (one of which is english).
  • it's on the equator, so you get longer days.
  • it's on the equator, so it's warm.
  • aruba has a dry, dessert-like climate.
  • aruba is breezy, so there's not a bug problem.
  • aruba's motto is "one happy island."

Friday, February 26, 2010

pet peave

pet peave
by iva pet peave

magic had a pet
something up his sleeve
years of pain (regret) or shame (or better yet):

pet peave

* unfortunately, magic didn't re-cognize that his pet peave said much more about him than it said about his pet.
when we own our pet peaves, we actually become owned by them.

* secret: those who "push our buttons" are (in Reality) Angels who wake us up to our self-imposed hell-cells -- a jail that we can free ourselves from any time that we decide to reduce the size of said button.

aruba (the prequel)

.my sister (donna) and her husband (tom) have a timeshare. ..this year, they've invited family members and friends to aruba. ..

(yours truly will be there in less than 48 hours)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

we weren't there

this post is going to address one of the most destructive, seductive behaviors in all of mankind:

the reason for this address is that, in a very subtle manner, media has not only condoned gossip, but media has also taken gossip to new level of media-crity.

people actually get paid to gossip, and people actually get paid to take pictures of others (often in compromising situations) for the purpose of gossip..not only that, but there is a mainstream phenomenon (disguised as something that you "need") that can only be defined as "low-level, nasty, slimy, dirty negative gossip.", my friends, is called:


have you ever wondered why you feel "icky" after reading or watching the news? ..have you ever wondered why it never feels good to talk about others' dramas and issues (behind their back)?

think about it... rate how you feel, on a scale from 1-10, the next time that gossip is being spread. ..rate yourself again, using the same scale, the next time that you are involved in praise and/or compliment.

the illness-centered, energy-sucking practice of gossip has become so mainstream that certain business leaders honestly believe that reading several newspapers and watching several news shows per day actually helps someone become a better leader/manager.  

are we insane? that a rhetorical question?

recently, i got caught-up in a discussion about someone (who i'd never met)... who had engaged in questionable behaviors with another person (who i'd never met)... who was the child of a famous person (who i'd never met).

at one point, we (the discuss-ed-ers)  re-Cognized our own negative gossiping, and one of us stated:

"wait a minute... we weren't there."

imagine how much time (and heartache) would be saved if humans employed a few simple practices:

1. don't say anything negative about anyone (especially true if s/he is not in-on the conversation).
2. don't listen to anything negative about anyone (because that's what fuels the gossip-fire).
3. if you weren't there, then it is none of y/our business.

problem: if we practiced #1 and #2 above, all news shows, newspapers, and most popular magazines would go out of business.

benefit: if we practiced #1 and #2 above, all news shows, newspapers, and most popular magazines would go out of business.

imagine if we could actually go through the grocery store checkout line without getting sucked-into the perusing of pictures, of headlines... of the very stuff that makes us feel ill.

-the end


* click here for m.y.o.b.

* ps: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... rumor has it that the graphic for this post is from microsoft clipart.

i'm not far away

i'm not far away
by i. m. right Here

i'm not far away
when the sky is dark
when we go outside and take that walk on through the park

when the See is stormy
at the end of day
you can Be secure in Knowing

i'm not far away

you can Be secure, this morning:
I'm not far away

* pencil drawing "God" by nick dunn

* yes, "See" is spelled correctly (for the purpose of this thoem)

* yes, a lot can happen in a small space of lenier time (or was that linear time?). ..what, pray/tell... is lenier time? ..should it be spelled "lennier time"?

Monday, February 22, 2010

little red wagon (reprise)

every-one (at some point in life) has his own little red wagons to pull.

in fact, it is we who are responsible for taking the steps toward borrowing, renting or owning a particular red wagon. ..we decide:
  • the size of the wagon
  • the amount of maintenance necessary for the wagon
  • our level of attachment to the wagon
  • the prevalence of red wagons in our sandbox
  • the amount of time that we want to invest, pulling our wagon(s)
at times, we get caught up in someone else's drama, and we take on the responsibility of helping her pull her own little red wagon. probably know people who are so good at pulling others' wagons that they've got no energy left to pull (or even acknowledge) their own.

points to ponder:
  • in the end, it will become apparent that all red wagons are "little"
  • as we reduce the number (and prevalence) of our wagons, we can become much more free
  • others' wagons are in their sandbox for a reason 
  • it's not red for nothing
  • at times, a little red wagon helps us to play our games
empathy for another's wagon happens when we take a moment to understand what s/he is going through, and we might even cut someone a break when they experience wagon-overload.

at the same time, we can choose not to acknowledge red wagons, if especially if an individual decides to take his wagon everywhere that he goes.

High-Level Wellness re-Cognizes that, ultimately:

"that's your own little red wagon to pull"

it goes without saying
(even though i'm just sayin'), that

...even if we've painted and polished our wagon, and
......even if it has helped us to carry our baggage, and
.........even if it has taken us on more than a few rides...

there may come a time when we leave that little red wagon behind.  _____________________________________

* In-Spired by square roots (click here for square roots)
- also InSpired by jules and brenda, who have been using the line (below) since loooooooooooooong before lenier time.

"that's not my little red wagon to pull" by square roots (check them out at here)

* graphics by microsoft clipart


Now and then

Now and then
by N. Ow and t. hen

Now and then went walking and they soon became good friends
sub-divide (then multiplied) as every

Now and then


every Now and then
by N. Ow and t. hen

every Now and then
every Here and there
every Now and then we get small glimpses everywhere

every Now and then we make believe and we pretend
everyone is Here and Now, yes, 
every Now and then


Here and Now
by N. Ow and t. hen

Here and Now went dancing... (though neither one knew how)
symphony of OJT as wIe are
Here and Now


* ahem.

* anyone who Knows me knows that this could easily go on for days, so (instead) i'll just write down the rest of the potential thoem titles, below:

  • Here (and there) by eve r. y. one and eve r. y. where
  • Now (and again) by r. e. cycle
  • wIe
  • wIe are One
  • See Beyond the Now by p. ro jection
  • the future passed away
  • past away
  • ups and downs
  • coin
  • sunrise/sunset: Son
  • oppositical Sameness, playing out a dance number called virtual Reality (Now)
  • N(ow): a time for pain
  • N(ow): the illusion of pain by ima pain

snow (a flashback)

pictures from a recent snow walk, below:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

On[c]e, again

On[c]e, again
by m. ultiples  & o. f. One

once upon a lifetime
once around the bend
Once is never-ending so come with me
On[c]e again

square roots

alternative titles for this post:

"that's not my little red wagon to pull"
On[c]e, again
the square root of rodi is One
"say the Same"
C = 2п r 
where the Son keeps shining 
crazy, twisted, beautiful

who: jules, len and the band "square roots" (christina, l.scott, rich, kennon, scott)
what: a night of Soul (music)
when: saturday, 20 february 2010 (8-10:30 pm)
where: rodi (gastonia, nc.)
why: why not?

Square Roots proved (On[c]e, again) that It... is  
"more than the sum/some of Its parts."

for what it's worth: from the first song (Gd Music) through a jam session (Celebrate!) to the shaman song, we took it all in and experienced more than this -- satisfied that life was (once again) -- crazy, twisted, beautiful.

thank you, square are an InSpiration of passion, Harmony, and fun!

"poetry in musical motion"

above: rich, kennon, and l.scott

.......................................below: the setlist (click to enlarge)
.................note: song #6 is actually entitled "walk in my garden." 
christina (raspy and power-full), rich, kennon, l.scott and scott.

...............................................below: kennon 
(percussionist for friday evening yoga at body-mind synergy, belmont, n.c.)

below: square roots

square root: a number whose square is the result of multiplying the number by itself.

C = 2п
("See" equals 2-pi-r) 

as п is infinite
 it could be said that the circumference of a Whole (Circle)
is equal to twice the rad-i-us...
multiplied by Infinity.



* song titles (some with slight len-alterations) in purple.