Tuesday, January 26, 2010

where (pray, tell) does path-o-logical end?

if you have all-ready read the post entitled "path-of-logical,"
then you'll be happy to find that "the path" ends Here*.

for those who are interested in where the path began, see the pictures (below):

this particular path began at the maho bay eco-camp, on st. john's, u.s.v.i. (click here)

you can stay in a "tent-cabin," which is kinda-like sticks and screen, propped up on some serious eco-pillars. ..an "eco-camp/resort" (including every cabin, walkway, etc.) is built on stilts, so as to minimize the disturbance of nature and animal life. ..the cabin (above) is a deluxe model.

as a bucket-list item, you've simply GOT to check this place out!

after All, why not?

above: lenny, at the beginning of the path.
what (pray, tell) is next?


* small note: in regard to the first line of this picture-thoem,

"Here" is exactly where YOU/wIe Are,
right Now.


  1. Len, you find the most aaaaaaaah some places!!! Just by perusing the pictures in your blog I feel by BP going down down down. Thanks a bunch

  2. thanks, mercedes!

    stop by anytime, and In-joy the ride!

    and yes, life is aaaahhhhhhhhhhsome!