Tuesday, January 19, 2010

what is U-nion?

it has been said that "Yoga" means Union.
uh... what (on earth) does that mean?

"U-nion" (or "You-neon") is the experience of Connectedness with that which wIe ARE,
and it is relatively impossible to describe, so Here goes:

* U-nion feels Good, whereas separation does not.

* U-nion feels Peace-full, whereas fear feels angry and combative.
* U-nion feels Bliss-full, whereas separation feels unsatisfied and afraid.
* U-nion feels Whole, whereas separation does not.
* U-nion feels like It Is Flowing, Gently down the stream.  Merrily, merrily, Merrily, merrily.
* U-nion feels like life is but a Dream (a nightmare when we fear; a fantasy when we Love).
* U-nion feels Complete.  Completeness feels like there is No-thing to do... but Be.

* U-nion feels like wIe are already saved -- in fact, It feels like there was never, ever any "threat" to be saved from, in the first place!

* U-nion feels like being For-Given... or like True Forgiveness... or like there was never any blame in the first place, only Understanding (with a gentle nod, a smile, and a hug).

* U-nion feels like that hug... like a Mother, embracing her offspringings with Unconditional Love.
* U-nion feels like "we won Be-Cause wIe, One!"
* U-nion feels like a Perfect Cycle... as if Its apparent opposite (fear) is (in Reality) part of the fabric of the Perfection.  ..separation is no-thing more than an increased Perspective.  .."opposites" are One in the Same.

* U-nion feels like the prodigal son, re-Turned Home. 

* U-nion feels G∞d!


interesting, definitions of "neo" and "neon" (all found after the above theom was written), while attempting to Peace it together:

1. in the move-ie "the matrix," the character named "neo" is the One.

2. wikepedia defines "neo" as "new."

3. NEOs are also known as "near earth objects."

4. for neon, click here 

5. neon is obtained from the liquification of air, as stated here (click)

6. NEON is the National Ecologic Observatory Network, as described here (click)

whoa. :) 

* pictures by microsoft clipart 


  1. As usual...I like!

    My thoughts:
    Yoga = Union of Mind/Body/Spirit which uplifts the body into higher consciousness, a more "Pure-Postive Energy" level if you will...
    I believe this type of practice allows us to break the bonds and shackles that would normally bring the "body" part of the Mind/Body/Spirit trilogy of human-ness that is us (a spiritual being having a human experience)to a lower level. But with Yoga,through breath, focus and meditation blending occurs and therefore we become uplifted, elevated and more than the sum of our parts!
    Feedback anyone??

    With Love and Light,

  2. YoUga! (Yoga, with a Capital YOU!)

    -that's the slogan of my future studio :)

    i, like you, jules, have never experienced a body/mind/Spirit practice that embodies Wellness like Yoga... the type of Yoga that Patanjali described -- thousands of years ago.