Thursday, January 28, 2010

vote them all out!

 the e-mail (below) is from a relative/friend, as part of an ongoing discussion swirling around the "vote them all out!" campaign that is being forwarded about the internet nowadays.

i noted that i'd vote for the better candidate, given the choice between trustworthy incumbant vs. an unqualified rival.

----------------------------------------i liked her take, below-------------------------------------------------

I hear you on keeping the better one.

Wish we had the goods on all these people and could tell who is a keeper.  However, seems like the majority are not doing the job very well.  It would be radical, that's for sure, to give them all the boot.  Cause then you'd have to hope that what you get in their place aren't even worse than their predecessors.  This is where we need to research our senators and watch them at work, etc...

For far too long we've trusted the people in office.  Maybe at one point in time you could, for the most part - - - - a long, long time ago.  I guess over time people have figured out ways of using and abusing the political system and now it's just so corrupt it's ridiculous.

Maybe it's the job of everyone to at least get to know their own state senate candidates and vote for who they think is best.  There again, sometimes there's not much to choose from and then what do you do?  Well, maybe the answer is to do our job as citizens and get to know our senators.  Then we can at least compare the incumbants to the new candidates.  I'm as guilty as anyone else in that category.  I don't know our RI senator.

As far as getting rid of all of them goes, it's more of a statement.  Do your job, or else you won't last in the senate.  It's fair enough, I think.  It's about time "we, the people" took control.


Now, that's a take that took thorough thought :)

i like, D! 

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