Friday, January 22, 2010

the payoff

although wellness blogs typically focus on the positive, let's explore the payoff of negativity.

why do we express negativity?

shaming, blaming, criticizing, complaining, judging, ridiculing, whining, shouting, etc., activate the sympathetic nervous system -- and our "fight-or-flight" mechanism kicks-in, and our bodies secrete stress hormones like epinephrine and norepinephrine ..while an occasional negative expression might serve us, the truth is that we experience pain and suffering immediately.  ..negativity feels bad.

what's the payoff?

1. for the ego, negative expressions often bolster ego-ic notions of separation. ..if i were to judge you, i would likely express my differences from you, in an effort to feel superior. ..ego wins. ..the important note is this: even if it feels good for a fleeting instant, negativity feels bad.

2. for the ego, negative expressions get attention. ..the shaming and blaming, the gossip, the criticism -- it all serves to bring attention to the expressor.  ..usually (especially in groups), a contagious eruption follows, and everyone gets to join-in on the strengthening of egos through the propagation of negativity.

want proof? tv, read the news, or listen to people. ..we'll immediately be able to identify (even within ourselves) when negativity rears its head.

what's good about that?

when we begin to re-Cognize, we re-Waken to the knowing that separation isn't serving us. ..negativity doesn't foster wellness.

then we re-Cognize that we can experience "shifts" in consciousness, and pay attention to the wondrous, beauty-full, connecting, positive thoughts and experiences that are (literally) a breath away.

and then we can re-Member, and then we can re-Call, and then we can re-Turn to the Knowing that separation is (in Reality), an illusion of sorts. ..negativity can be re-Cognized as a momentary re-Mind-er that we live in a very, very positive world, where All Is Well, for ever and ever.

-the end.



  1. Plus, without negativity, there could be no positiveness.

  2. suebaby,

    i'm sooooo glad that i live in a world where people get the idea that "no negativity" would mean flatline.


    does that mean that this world needs No One in order for any-body to be able to contemplate something called Nothingness?

    does Nobody Know everything??


  3. Yes. Or no, without which there wouldn't be a yes!