Monday, January 25, 2010


the logical path can be thought of as the sum-total of "doings" necessary to succeed in the world of form.

it's as if Nonform becomes temporarily insane for the blink of several decades, prior to reWakening. can almost imagine Spirit, in All of He/r Glory, looking down at this planet, raising an I-eye-I-brow, and saying:


"ah, Well, no matter"

on the other hand (thank God we have two of them), we can tap into a more intuitive path. ..the intuitive path has to do with Being, and centers on feelings as guideposts for alignment with Source.

"All-I-ngment" is the alignment with Love feelings, G∞d feelings, Ease, Peace and Unification.

it is interesting that our very Evolved Be-ings often express as (what society might label) illogical, senile, mentally challenged, pathological and down-right "weird."

sound like someone you see often?

it is interesting, how "outliers" literally define the bell-curve. 

it is interesting, when one looks into a mirror, how things can appear backwards.

it is interesting, what happens (upon reflection).

It... is interesting...

-the beginning

* picture taken on a path, st. john's u.s.v.i. (2007)


  1. DUDE! You are SO on a roll!!

    Great posts lately. Love it!

  2. as you Know, Sue, it's like not even trying...'s more like "being flowed through" (or something like that).

    in any event, i'm over-Joyed to have pathological pals (like You) who giggle at the apparent path which appears to move, happen-hazard-ly, underneath our very own nimble, baby feat.