Sunday, January 3, 2010

may every moment (last)

in every last of moment
in days of future (past)

may every last of moment make for every moment (last)


-the end. 
is this a beginning of a future grand finale?

picture "jumping jax" by lenny, taken at midnight-ish, 1-1-10; jacksonville, florida.


  1. ...a "future Grand Finale"...I like!

    You have such a way with words my dear.
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful string of delicious moments with me, it meant more than I have been able to express.
    More to follow...

    With much Love,

  2. thanks, jules!

    if the human memory is like a cosmic blog, maybe wIe youmans can tap into the vast, available array of memories and transform them, at will, into me-more-ies!

    (or something like that)

    :) len :)