Thursday, January 21, 2010


yes, ladies and gentlemen,

once a year (for a period of several weeks), the city of tampa, florida celebrates sum it up, it's a party on wheels, hulls, and floats.

anyway, part of the fun consists of "the invasion of tampa bay" by a rowdy array of gun-toting and sword-wielding bad-boy-pirates, who attack by sea, take hostages, and then parade through the city.

to sum it up, it's all about the beads (of course).

this year, a new england contingent (consisting of donna, clare, jerry and roberta) is flying down for the event. ..jungle jim casey will be making his way, from destin..i'll be joining the fray a bit late (due to work), but nothing could stop me from being with the best of the best of friends/family/fun, beginning on january 29th-ish.

all of us will be in full pirate regalia.

look for pictures and stories on a future post, on a blog near you.   

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