Sunday, January 17, 2010

enCORE (part II)

this post is dedicated to the CORE Institute, school of massage therapy, for its 20th year re-Union, which will occur on january 24th, 2010, in tallahassee, florida.

sometimes, you have to move away from your CORE, in order to get 
a better perspective of It.

En-CORE [1]

first and foremost, allow me to honor the most dedicated, talented, care-full faculty and staff that any of us could ever be associated with:

the family at the CORE Institute

secondly, please accept my sincere thanks to you, my student-teachers (from 1992-2007).  you taught me much more than could ever be learned in any classroom, as we danced in the most Ultimate of learning environments.  

You -- leave me begging for an En-CORE.

the term “extra-ordinary” could never come close to describing that which took place inside of the two-story building on west carolina street in tallahassee, florida.  we laughed, we cried, we argued, we bonded… we gave the very best of ourselves -- the very best that we could possibly give -- in every, every possible moment.

please, please allow me to apologize for the many, many times that my ego got caught-up in the drama.  at the same time, thank you, thank you, thank you for the drama -- which is the very essence of the process of growth and maturation.
please, please, please allow me to honor two of the most loving, generous, and sincere people who i’ve ever met in my entire life: george and patty kousaleos.

in addition, may i also recognize the administrative backbone of this organization of excellence, phil arcuribrother phil, i thank you for being the man who makes it all happen.

thank you brett (my friend of friends) pace, donna hartman, marney, peggy, tammy, lori, tamara, kristin, robert, david, gennine, bryan, melanie, richmond, katie, alana, jamie, salah, bridgett, brandi and too, too many more to ever mention.     

consider this a long-distance hug, from me to all of you, from a place (in my heart) that is not so far away, at all.

to the idea,
and the subsequent physical manifestation that Is
the CORE Institute, School of Massage Therapy and Structural Bodywork…

i am forever grateful.


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