Sunday, January 24, 2010

dance of Love

"It Is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the best Game in town."

image-in a caterpillar-game in which caterpillars not only get to fly, but are actually able to consciously experience the trans-form-ation. ..then, in order to prevent "taking flying for granted," imagine that  butterflies could periodically for-get flying, and re-turn back to the experience of a worm-like crawl

then, because crawling feet get tired and sore, we vow (right Now) to crawl no more!

(again, and again, and again)

Love (with a Capital "L") is a lot like flying, with our heads and hearts swirling, high up into the clear, bright sky. ..fear (and all of his children -- shame, blame, criticism, judgment, anger, violence, gossip, etc.) happens when ego forgets that s/he Is Love. ..the Butterfly experiences temporary insanity...

then, because e-go experiences the pain-full crawl (known as the absence of FLight), s/he trans-forms from in-divide-dual to Indivisible -- by re-Membering how great it Is to Be One with the sky.

It's a Dance of Oneness, complete with glimpses of illusion
(example: the illusion of stepping on each others' toes, which only serves to help us In-Joy Dance-Sing).

it's not that Love becomes ego, no...
   it's not that ego "learns" to how Love, no...
      it's not that there are things to do, in order to "progress," no, no, no.

It's that ButterfLight Is! 
 ...and caterpillaring is merely a means by which Bliss can be experienced.


dance of Love
 by dan sing

and then s/he flew up high above
and then s/he danced, a dance of Love


* click here for "dance-sing Now, in Love"

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* watercolor ("butterflies") by clare dunn
* butterflies, painted on glass by clare dunn

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