Saturday, January 30, 2010

NPY (Neuropeptide Y)

click here for the link between "Neuropeptide Y" and the stress associated with eating issues that can lead to things like belly fat and anorexia -- two apparent opposites that result from the same thing.

click here for one, simple solution, entitled "the future is bright" .

was there ever any doubt that stress = dis-ease, and Peace = Ease?

what (on earth) are we waiting for?

Friday, January 29, 2010

the Core of the CORE

the following post is dedicated to my mentor/friend, george kousaleos, on his 60th birthday:

dear george,

first of all, i'd like to personally thank you for allowing me to attend massage therapy school at the CORE Institute in 1992. ..furthermore, thank you for sponsoring the hardee fellowship that allowed me to pursue a degree at florida state while interning/externing at CORE.

together, we built a Wellness Program, a Teacher Training Program, and a Massage Therapy Curriculum that is second to none.

heck, we did Distance Learning before there was even a thing called Distance Learning!

we grew, through national accreditation, national certification and international presentations (in places like montreal, canada and santorini, greece).

i've seen you enjoy your highest of highs, and i've seen you suffer through the aftermath of a severe t-bone car accident -- the one where you had to be extracted by an emergency crew, using the jaws of life.

as your understudy... and eventually your office-mate, i got to know the man: the Core, of CORE.

i am forever grateful.


ladies and gentlemen, listening to this tonight: please allow me to say a few words about papa george; about geo; about george kousaleos -- he who has already been recommended for and entered into florida's massage therapy hall of fame

george is generous. ..he will take you to lunch, and you will fail miserably when/if you attempt to pick up the tab. ..he (and patty) have taken care of numerous students in need, especially at those times when a student had experienced a family emergency (because, in the kousaleos world, it is ALL about family).

repeat: it is ALL about family.

in fact, i cannot mention george without mentioning his co-self, the Love of his life, the woman of his dreams, the spark of Light behind the scenes, patty. ..we Love you, patty!

"geopat" care.

they really, really, really care -- about you. ..and those of you out there who've been taken care of -- well...

you know what i'm talking about.

george is an emotional, conscious human being. ..i have personally seen him spend time with homeless people who've wandered-on into the school, straight off of carolina street. ..if you think that you've seen george cry (at graduations, reunions, etc.), you've only seen a tiny part of the depth of this man -- a man that feels deeply, Loves with passion, and yearns to heal the wounds of our planet, our country and our community.

i've seen george, glowing, on christmas eve at tallahassee memorial hospital, where he makes a habit of offering massage therapy to patients, family and hospital staff. those students who have accompanied george to t.m.h., allow me to also honor you at this time.

i've seen george angry. doesn't happen often, but trust me, you do not want to be in the same grid-zone when the founder of geotouch has been pushed to his limit. ..i've seen george come to the defense of his beauty-full daughters (alana, jen) on numerous occasions where he literally re-defined the term "Unconditional Love."

pity on the poor soul who ever attempts to do harm to george's nest, and pity that poor, sorry soul a thousand, zillion times over -- if he ever, ever, ever makes the mistake of mistreating patty

but there's more: george can go toe-to-toe with anyone, yes... but... fifteen minutes later (just like the after-party that follows a grueling rugby game) george will bestow forgiveness and forget-full-ness, and he will put his arm around you, and he will sing with you...

because george's heart is One of Love.

ladies and gentlemen... friends of george... you all know that this essay could go on for days. ..story after story after story could flow from these fingertips. 

george my brother...

please Know that everyone who you have ever touched... 
has been touched in a way that very few on this earth can ever imagine.

you are a man among men, an educator extraordinaire, a mentor, a brother, a friend, a father
a husband to the Love-ly patty...

you're the man with the Vision.

you are... the Core of the CORE.

we LOVE you.

your buddy/son/brother,

* click here for more, en-CORE

Thursday, January 28, 2010


ECP (extreme collective paranoia) - ekhart tolle

argument: when two people dis-agree with each other.

ECP: when large groups of people bond together against each other. ..this is seductive, because the "bonding together" often feels good (for the moment), in a unifying kind of way. ..un-fortunately, unification against is simply the ego, demonstrating the urge to attack/defend -- further propagating the illusion of separation.

here's how it expresses:

* "let's vote them all out!"
* "send in the marines!"
* "we need to use the bomb, and turn that place into a parking lot!"
* "we're number one!"
* "our way (or city, or country, or church, or team, or God) is better than yours."

...surely, you can think of other ways that ECP expresses, even on a small scale. 

(can we say "gossip"?)

tolle notes how people can defend an opinion as if it were life itself, and how arguments can turn into collective pathologies, like crowd violence, prejudice, and war.

click here for a way to alleviate ECP.

vote them all out!

 the e-mail (below) is from a relative/friend, as part of an ongoing discussion swirling around the "vote them all out!" campaign that is being forwarded about the internet nowadays.

i noted that i'd vote for the better candidate, given the choice between trustworthy incumbant vs. an unqualified rival.

----------------------------------------i liked her take, below-------------------------------------------------

I hear you on keeping the better one.

Wish we had the goods on all these people and could tell who is a keeper.  However, seems like the majority are not doing the job very well.  It would be radical, that's for sure, to give them all the boot.  Cause then you'd have to hope that what you get in their place aren't even worse than their predecessors.  This is where we need to research our senators and watch them at work, etc...

For far too long we've trusted the people in office.  Maybe at one point in time you could, for the most part - - - - a long, long time ago.  I guess over time people have figured out ways of using and abusing the political system and now it's just so corrupt it's ridiculous.

Maybe it's the job of everyone to at least get to know their own state senate candidates and vote for who they think is best.  There again, sometimes there's not much to choose from and then what do you do?  Well, maybe the answer is to do our job as citizens and get to know our senators.  Then we can at least compare the incumbants to the new candidates.  I'm as guilty as anyone else in that category.  I don't know our RI senator.

As far as getting rid of all of them goes, it's more of a statement.  Do your job, or else you won't last in the senate.  It's fair enough, I think.  It's about time "we, the people" took control.


Now, that's a take that took thorough thought :)

i like, D! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

out of Touch

out of Touch

by joal martino 

completely separated
over-rated (much)
completely co-created, here, a little

out of Touch

* Be-cause "dis-Connected" is an oxymoron, and you can click here for "oxy-moronic".


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

where (pray, tell) does path-o-logical end?

if you have all-ready read the post entitled "path-of-logical,"
then you'll be happy to find that "the path" ends Here*.

for those who are interested in where the path began, see the pictures (below):

this particular path began at the maho bay eco-camp, on st. john's, u.s.v.i. (click here)

you can stay in a "tent-cabin," which is kinda-like sticks and screen, propped up on some serious eco-pillars. "eco-camp/resort" (including every cabin, walkway, etc.) is built on stilts, so as to minimize the disturbance of nature and animal life. ..the cabin (above) is a deluxe model.

as a bucket-list item, you've simply GOT to check this place out!

after All, why not?

above: lenny, at the beginning of the path.
what (pray, tell) is next?


* small note: in regard to the first line of this picture-thoem,

"Here" is exactly where YOU/wIe Are,
right Now.

Monday, January 25, 2010


the logical path can be thought of as the sum-total of "doings" necessary to succeed in the world of form.

it's as if Nonform becomes temporarily insane for the blink of several decades, prior to reWakening. can almost imagine Spirit, in All of He/r Glory, looking down at this planet, raising an I-eye-I-brow, and saying:


"ah, Well, no matter"

on the other hand (thank God we have two of them), we can tap into a more intuitive path. ..the intuitive path has to do with Being, and centers on feelings as guideposts for alignment with Source.

"All-I-ngment" is the alignment with Love feelings, G∞d feelings, Ease, Peace and Unification.

it is interesting that our very Evolved Be-ings often express as (what society might label) illogical, senile, mentally challenged, pathological and down-right "weird."

sound like someone you see often?

it is interesting, how "outliers" literally define the bell-curve. 

it is interesting, when one looks into a mirror, how things can appear backwards.

it is interesting, what happens (upon reflection).

It... is interesting...

-the beginning

* picture taken on a path, st. john's u.s.v.i. (2007)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

dance of Love

"It Is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the best Game in town."

image-in a caterpillar-game in which caterpillars not only get to fly, but are actually able to consciously experience the trans-form-ation. ..then, in order to prevent "taking flying for granted," imagine that  butterflies could periodically for-get flying, and re-turn back to the experience of a worm-like crawl

then, because crawling feet get tired and sore, we vow (right Now) to crawl no more!

(again, and again, and again)

Love (with a Capital "L") is a lot like flying, with our heads and hearts swirling, high up into the clear, bright sky. ..fear (and all of his children -- shame, blame, criticism, judgment, anger, violence, gossip, etc.) happens when ego forgets that s/he Is Love. ..the Butterfly experiences temporary insanity...

then, because e-go experiences the pain-full crawl (known as the absence of FLight), s/he trans-forms from in-divide-dual to Indivisible -- by re-Membering how great it Is to Be One with the sky.

It's a Dance of Oneness, complete with glimpses of illusion
(example: the illusion of stepping on each others' toes, which only serves to help us In-Joy Dance-Sing).

it's not that Love becomes ego, no...
   it's not that ego "learns" to how Love, no...
      it's not that there are things to do, in order to "progress," no, no, no.

It's that ButterfLight Is! 
 ...and caterpillaring is merely a means by which Bliss can be experienced.


dance of Love
 by dan sing

and then s/he flew up high above
and then s/he danced, a dance of Love


* click here for "dance-sing Now, in Love"

* click here for "feels sooooooooooooooo Good"

* watercolor ("butterflies") by clare dunn
* butterflies, painted on glass by clare dunn

Saturday, January 23, 2010

No-body Knows...

...that everything ...Is No-thing.

-the end.


* huh?

Friday, January 22, 2010

the payoff

although wellness blogs typically focus on the positive, let's explore the payoff of negativity.

why do we express negativity?

shaming, blaming, criticizing, complaining, judging, ridiculing, whining, shouting, etc., activate the sympathetic nervous system -- and our "fight-or-flight" mechanism kicks-in, and our bodies secrete stress hormones like epinephrine and norepinephrine ..while an occasional negative expression might serve us, the truth is that we experience pain and suffering immediately.  ..negativity feels bad.

what's the payoff?

1. for the ego, negative expressions often bolster ego-ic notions of separation. ..if i were to judge you, i would likely express my differences from you, in an effort to feel superior. ..ego wins. ..the important note is this: even if it feels good for a fleeting instant, negativity feels bad.

2. for the ego, negative expressions get attention. ..the shaming and blaming, the gossip, the criticism -- it all serves to bring attention to the expressor.  ..usually (especially in groups), a contagious eruption follows, and everyone gets to join-in on the strengthening of egos through the propagation of negativity.

want proof? tv, read the news, or listen to people. ..we'll immediately be able to identify (even within ourselves) when negativity rears its head.

what's good about that?

when we begin to re-Cognize, we re-Waken to the knowing that separation isn't serving us. ..negativity doesn't foster wellness.

then we re-Cognize that we can experience "shifts" in consciousness, and pay attention to the wondrous, beauty-full, connecting, positive thoughts and experiences that are (literally) a breath away.

and then we can re-Member, and then we can re-Call, and then we can re-Turn to the Knowing that separation is (in Reality), an illusion of sorts. ..negativity can be re-Cognized as a momentary re-Mind-er that we live in a very, very positive world, where All Is Well, for ever and ever.

-the end.


Thursday, January 21, 2010


yes, ladies and gentlemen,

once a year (for a period of several weeks), the city of tampa, florida celebrates sum it up, it's a party on wheels, hulls, and floats.

anyway, part of the fun consists of "the invasion of tampa bay" by a rowdy array of gun-toting and sword-wielding bad-boy-pirates, who attack by sea, take hostages, and then parade through the city.

to sum it up, it's all about the beads (of course).

this year, a new england contingent (consisting of donna, clare, jerry and roberta) is flying down for the event. ..jungle jim casey will be making his way, from destin..i'll be joining the fray a bit late (due to work), but nothing could stop me from being with the best of the best of friends/family/fun, beginning on january 29th-ish.

all of us will be in full pirate regalia.

look for pictures and stories on a future post, on a blog near you.   

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

what is U-nion?

it has been said that "Yoga" means Union.
uh... what (on earth) does that mean?

"U-nion" (or "You-neon") is the experience of Connectedness with that which wIe ARE,
and it is relatively impossible to describe, so Here goes:

* U-nion feels Good, whereas separation does not.

* U-nion feels Peace-full, whereas fear feels angry and combative.
* U-nion feels Bliss-full, whereas separation feels unsatisfied and afraid.
* U-nion feels Whole, whereas separation does not.
* U-nion feels like It Is Flowing, Gently down the stream.  Merrily, merrily, Merrily, merrily.
* U-nion feels like life is but a Dream (a nightmare when we fear; a fantasy when we Love).
* U-nion feels Complete.  Completeness feels like there is No-thing to do... but Be.

* U-nion feels like wIe are already saved -- in fact, It feels like there was never, ever any "threat" to be saved from, in the first place!

* U-nion feels like being For-Given... or like True Forgiveness... or like there was never any blame in the first place, only Understanding (with a gentle nod, a smile, and a hug).

* U-nion feels like that hug... like a Mother, embracing her offspringings with Unconditional Love.
* U-nion feels like "we won Be-Cause wIe, One!"
* U-nion feels like a Perfect Cycle... as if Its apparent opposite (fear) is (in Reality) part of the fabric of the Perfection.  ..separation is no-thing more than an increased Perspective.  .."opposites" are One in the Same.

* U-nion feels like the prodigal son, re-Turned Home. 

* U-nion feels G∞d!


interesting, definitions of "neo" and "neon" (all found after the above theom was written), while attempting to Peace it together:

1. in the move-ie "the matrix," the character named "neo" is the One.

2. wikepedia defines "neo" as "new."

3. NEOs are also known as "near earth objects."

4. for neon, click here 

5. neon is obtained from the liquification of air, as stated here (click)

6. NEON is the National Ecologic Observatory Network, as described here (click)

whoa. :) 

* pictures by microsoft clipart 

Monday, January 18, 2010

diagnoses and prescriptions

below: an example of how far we've evolved, as a species. ..note the present day medical, scientific and technological observations/remedies vs. those of yesteryear:

.........................technological era...............................................yesteryear
diagnosis: .....attention deficit disorder ..................................diagnosis: "boy"

prescription: ritalin, adderall, and dexedrine ...............prescription: "go outside and play!"


evolution (backwards) spells no-I-tu-love

at times, evolution can add layers of ego to a painbody that already sees itself as separate from its very Essence.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

enCORE (part II)

this post is dedicated to the CORE Institute, school of massage therapy, for its 20th year re-Union, which will occur on january 24th, 2010, in tallahassee, florida.

sometimes, you have to move away from your CORE, in order to get 
a better perspective of It.

En-CORE [1]

first and foremost, allow me to honor the most dedicated, talented, care-full faculty and staff that any of us could ever be associated with:

the family at the CORE Institute

secondly, please accept my sincere thanks to you, my student-teachers (from 1992-2007).  you taught me much more than could ever be learned in any classroom, as we danced in the most Ultimate of learning environments.  

You -- leave me begging for an En-CORE.

the term “extra-ordinary” could never come close to describing that which took place inside of the two-story building on west carolina street in tallahassee, florida.  we laughed, we cried, we argued, we bonded… we gave the very best of ourselves -- the very best that we could possibly give -- in every, every possible moment.

please, please allow me to apologize for the many, many times that my ego got caught-up in the drama.  at the same time, thank you, thank you, thank you for the drama -- which is the very essence of the process of growth and maturation.
please, please, please allow me to honor two of the most loving, generous, and sincere people who i’ve ever met in my entire life: george and patty kousaleos.

in addition, may i also recognize the administrative backbone of this organization of excellence, phil arcuribrother phil, i thank you for being the man who makes it all happen.

thank you brett (my friend of friends) pace, donna hartman, marney, peggy, tammy, lori, tamara, kristin, robert, david, gennine, bryan, melanie, richmond, katie, alana, jamie, salah, bridgett, brandi and too, too many more to ever mention.     

consider this a long-distance hug, from me to all of you, from a place (in my heart) that is not so far away, at all.

to the idea,
and the subsequent physical manifestation that Is
the CORE Institute, School of Massage Therapy and Structural Bodywork…

i am forever grateful.