Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the meaning of "ThanksGiving"

giving thanks” is gratitude, expressed.

while it is (dis)easy to recognize life’s shadows, it is just as ease-y to bring Light to the darkness, thereby making shadows dis-appear.

i’d like to take this moment to thank you, my friends and family, for sharing your Light and exposing shadows for what they are: illusions..even in this time of apparent global hardship, we (as a Whole) live better than the kings and queens of yesteryear.

gratitude connects the heart with the mind in a way that allows for conscious re-cycling, via giving and receiving.

Thanksgiving is a chance to express gratitude for the ability to give thanks, and i thank you for this opportunity.

* collage of pictures:
- "sailing" destin, florida (2001)
- "cape san blas" (circa de 2005)
- "orange sky" (1995-ish)
- "panhandle sunset" (2003)
- "the wave" (f.s.u. game, 2002-ish)
- "white sandy beach" (2007)
- "tandem flight" (2004)
- note the background pic, of ponce de leon springs, florida (2006).

* pencil drawing "graphicjam" (2008) by l. martineau (last year's Gift Exchange gift, for john)

* pencil drawing " namaste' " (2008) by joal martino, edited on picassa3.

* poem "the ideal companion" (1943) by josephine femino (age 12)


  1. I just wanted to Thank You, for all you do for others and in this time of Thanks Giving wanted to make the wish that it comes back to you a thousand fold!!!!

    You pointed me in the direction that gave me back my perspective on how to live the best life I am capable of. I don't know how to repay that!!!

    With Love and Gratitude and a great big HUG!!

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. thank you for the compliment, roberta!

    and thank you also, for being consistently positive, supportive, enthusiastic and Loving.

    i hope that your ThanksGiving echoes and reflects your gratitude -- and your ability to give to those of us who are lucky enough to have you in our lives.


  3. Hey Lenny, my oldest internet friend, come and join me if you can this Sunday, November 29th at 1pm Chicago time
    at for a webcast. It would be
    lovely to say hello! Maybe you can give me a virtual massage.

  4. Thank you, My Brother, for (among other things) reminding me, via "the collage", of an activity that YOU encouraged me to experience, and which turned out to be one of the BEST days I ever had.

    Love you lots.

    xoxoxo, me

  5. hi, no one!

    i'll try to catch you! i'll be completely wrapped up in family reunion-type activities, as Thanksgiving is the main re-Union time for my family.

    I'd LOVE to check out the webcast!

    virtual massage? if i figure out how to do that, i'll be able to quit my day job and blog for a living.

  6. clarebaby!

    let's see...

    i imagine it's the hang-gliding experience, or it could be the sailing experience -- but i bet it was your flight.

    yes... up there in the sky, with no engine noise, floating around like a weightless bird.

    THAT was a bucket-list moment.

  7. Oh, Yeah...

    A 'bucket-list' moment I would dearly LOVE to repeat!

    It's difficult to get better than that....

    xoxoxo, me

  8. Not nearly as much fun, a virtual, I don't mean anything naughty!