Sunday, November 29, 2009



by m. irages

since they seem so real there seems to be some slight confusion
seems the world is made of things that seem to be:



* temporary illusions:
  • movies
  • tv shows
  • magic tricks
  • mirages
  • ownership
  • security
  • material/physicality
  • relativity
  • oppositicality (this is not a word… yet)
  • anything to do with our "senses"
  • space
  • time
  • re-unions
  • life-times

"okay, so what's new?"
-art sherman (1982)


* picture of ducks on a pond by clare dunn (cropped on picassa3 -- for effect).

Friday, November 27, 2009


what most shoppers know as "black friday," the martineaus know as Gift Exchange eve.'s when all of the little boys and girls make final preparations for the gift Exchange.

last year, i actually requested a gift. ..i told donna to inform the person who had my name that i wanted a sign that would read "hidden treasures." the Spirit of giving, i'd already decided that this gift would be given to my buddy/brother willy, who was putting his beginning/finishing touches on a minibar called "g-willy's hidden treaures," or "hidden treasures" for short.  ..i'd composed a book with the same title, and presented them to willy on Christmas 08.

my nephew, nick, made the fantastic wood burnt sign (above), and this sign proudly welcomes the world to willy's boat/bar.

when you can sprinkle your personal "possessions" amongst your friends/family, you find that "home" is (Really) everywhere.

here's to your hidden treasures, buried in a place not so far away...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the meaning of "ThanksGiving"

giving thanks” is gratitude, expressed.

while it is (dis)easy to recognize life’s shadows, it is just as ease-y to bring Light to the darkness, thereby making shadows dis-appear.

i’d like to take this moment to thank you, my friends and family, for sharing your Light and exposing shadows for what they are: illusions..even in this time of apparent global hardship, we (as a Whole) live better than the kings and queens of yesteryear.

gratitude connects the heart with the mind in a way that allows for conscious re-cycling, via giving and receiving.

Thanksgiving is a chance to express gratitude for the ability to give thanks, and i thank you for this opportunity.

* collage of pictures:
- "sailing" destin, florida (2001)
- "cape san blas" (circa de 2005)
- "orange sky" (1995-ish)
- "panhandle sunset" (2003)
- "the wave" (f.s.u. game, 2002-ish)
- "white sandy beach" (2007)
- "tandem flight" (2004)
- note the background pic, of ponce de leon springs, florida (2006).

* pencil drawing "graphicjam" (2008) by l. martineau (last year's Gift Exchange gift, for john)

* pencil drawing " namaste' " (2008) by joal martino, edited on picassa3.

* poem "the ideal companion" (1943) by josephine femino (age 12)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ownness ≠ Oneness

own-ness (or the backwards reflection of Oneness) is but an illusion.

my, my, my...

it's often a mystory (where this stuff comes from), but this one came out of a dream. this particular dream, i was in some kind of apartment, giving hands-on healing therapy to (of all things) a rooster (who had a deformed foot). ..for whatever reason, i was treating his wing. ..uhhhh... maybe it was reflexology.

my, my, my...

* is "ownership" not just a temporary illusion?

maybe True healing is the re-Cognition that there Is only One Ship,
and All are All-ready aboard.


* picture from santorini, greece (2005)

Monday, November 23, 2009


have you ever had one of those days, when the whole thing seemed to be passing you by (like you were inside of a movie)?

when things just felt "weird"?

this afternoon, it was cloudy, windy and cold -- on the edge of rain, but not raining. the car, it felt as if my peripheral vision was a bit off, and then...

* i drove past this guy with a leaf-blower, who was blowing leaves onto the road, while the traffic/wind was blowing the leaves back onto the spot that he was blowing leaves off of. (weird

i've always thought that leaf blowers were the ultimate example of using noisy technology to destroy the natural order of things -- but to see a man use a destructive machine uselessly...


* on a giant billboard (485 northbound), santa was chugging a coca-cola. ..and i mean he had the bottle turned upside down!, i've never been an advocate of propagating the santa story (to innocent kids), but it seemed weird to be using santa to advertise a product (especially soda).  ..shouldn't santa be copyrighted or something? ..can you imagine what else he's going to be advertising in the future?


* i got passed (on the right) by one of those giant motor-homes, the kind that is bigger than a greyhound bus -- and the motor-home was trailing a 30-ft long storage unit. (weird) ..can you imagine what was stored in this giant box, being pulled by a home?

granted, granted... these are little things... weird little things...

but for some reason, today, they gave me a feeling of foreboding doom. ..for those of you who have my phone number, please call me tonight (on this night of weirdness).

lenny needs a positive pep talk.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

harley a week to go...

yes, steve's gift is almost finished.

it's at this stage of the game where one needs to put down the chalk, breeeeeathe, and refrain from overdoing.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


and the ant asked the termite: "how can those yellow-jackets talk about what life is like, on mars?"

so the frog croaked on in and said: "it's okay, dude. gives them something to do -- while they Bee."

Friday, November 20, 2009

"it's just a ride"

i've never quite embraced the idea that "everyone" could be fed, here, in the relative world.

...but hicks' take (exploring inner space) sure beats the militant altenative.

* clip received (appropriately enough) on november 19, 2009. 

* it was sent by mark, of (the formerly active) sangrock yoga.

how do we know what we're talking about?

jagged little pill posts should be taken with eight ounces of water...
...and a grain of salt.

question: how (on earth) do any of us really know that what we're talking about is "right" or "true"?
* answer: we don't.

-the end

if we "believe" something, it's likely that our belief stems from something else that someone else said, wrote, or projected (on some kind of screen).

one of the most quoted books in the his-story of this planet was written by men, edited by men, translated (over a period of centuries) by men, based upon stories told (over a period of centuries) by men.  ..the book was then produced by men and published by men. ..has anyone noticed that books of this nature can have a slightly masculine overtone?

this is not to say that a product is (by any means) "wrong" is simply produced in the image of its creator(s).

even if our "Knowing" is based upon personal experience, our experiences are clouded by our limited senses, coupled with a nervous system that is designed to reinforce prior limited experiences. is clearly obvious that we often get it "skewed up," and history seems to show that humans have acquired quite a habit.

"truth" is a moving target, here in the world of relativity.

question: why do we even bother wasting time with opinions, discussions, viewpoints, etc.?
* answer: it's fun!
* answer II: it's a way to experience others' viewpoints, thereby giving us another potential look at our own beliefs.
* answer III: it is an act of expression, and living things cannot not express (in their own image).

question: how do we know that what we are saying is the Truth?
* answer: maybe the Truth lies withIn. ..maybe wIe are Truth, just lying about.

-the Be-ginning

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


just for my own enjoyment...

11-17-08 - another day, another hammock

11-18-08 - "stuck" in fiji

was that a year ago?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

at what point do you "Know"?

...that you need glasses?

here's one example:

this morning, i made some more of those delicious (albeit charred) pumpkin pancakes (you know, the ones with raisins, and banana, and anything else within range of the pan).


as i was eating my pancake, i used my fingers to pick up a tiny raisin (or was it a charred piece of pancake?) off of the counter, and (since nobody was watching), i immediately lifted it up to my mouth. my fingers entered my mouth, i realized that the raisin had slipped out of my hand, and fell back to the counter.

it was at that point when i realized that the raisin was, in fact,

a ladybug.

she appeared to be moving, so i re-leased her -- from the back porch into the brisk north carolina air.

(no. ..if i'd actually eaten that crunchy raisin/ladybug, you would not be reading this story)

and that's (probably) all that needs to be said, about that.

raiders of the lost hot seat

it's never too early to think about the annual, world famous martineau gift exchange.

last year's celebration included a pre-Gift Exchange video, entitled
"raiders of the lost hot seat."

the video was configured (primarily) by two individuals who prefer to remain nameless, for the moment. ..expect a few cameo appearances by harrison ford, starring as albert martineau.

GE-2008: the recovered hot seat gets warmed-up.

"raiders of the lost hotseat" is a 4 minute, 53 second video that begins slowly and ends abruptly, echoing the human condition. ..the real story (however) is all about the hot seat. the video, the hot seat must be recovered, and our gallant hero (albert/harrison/james) is the man who must risk his life, once again, for 'neau good reason.

the setting is a tiny state called "rhode island" (even though it's really not).'ll note that the journey is seldom direct, nor is it ever easy.'ll become captivated by the stimulating sub-plot, that "when the going gets tough, the tough go to dunkin' donuts."


you'll be provided with insight as to how our hero locates the hot seat, using the treasured martineaupoly gameboard.'ll get a bird's-eye view of the dangers associated with the pursuit of both treasure and pleasure.'ll also be re-minded of how a rolling stone can be chased-down by a rolling rock.

oh, 'neau!

the climax of the video will have you clinging onto your seat, wondering if our hero is ever going to make it back Home (to the no-place that he never [Really] left).


you'll be asking yourself "what just happened?" and you'll understand why 'neau time is as good a time as any, to simply sit back, relax... and do 'neau-thing.

:) below is just a trailer of the "directors cut." ..for the real thing, you'll have to be near al & jo's house, providence, r.i. this thanksgiving. ..below, in the space provided, type in the password "hotseat" -- but only if you are a friend/family member -- and, if you can handle the excitement.


for more on the history of the hot seat, and for more than you'd ever want to 'neau about the martineau Gift Exchange, click on the links, below:

* 2008 gift exchange highlights

* the martineau gift exchange

* ghosts of gift exchanges past

Monday, November 16, 2009

harley even started

i've hardly even started on my gift exchange gift (it's for my brother steve). 

the idea is to do make something that has to do with his harley, and the two drawings (above, below) are my original draft sketches of what might end up being the covers for a journal, or a framed picture, or something.

if you've got ideas, please give me a call :)

below (just playing) sketch enhancements by picasa.3

happy birthday, ashley!

happy birthday, ashley!

(or, should i say "happy feast week"?)

happy birthday, peter!

happy birthday, peter!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

can you find yourself?

uh, oh.

pictures like this can only mean that we are quickly closing in on Thanks-giving, and the world famous martineau gift exchange.

* pencil drawing by clare dunn (1998-ish)

* picture of a gift exchange frenzy (2003-ish)

do we need a new family picture, this year?

Saturday, November 14, 2009


this is that which happens, withIn thIS:

  • atonement, in At-One-ment
  • sunset/sunrise (Sun)
  • boy meets girl (re-Union)
  • right and left are One
  • up and down the roller-coaster, stock-market, heartbeat
  • arteries and veins and Circulation on the street
  • yankees and confederates, a
  • dance of reds and blues
  • war is never civil (only in the move-ies):


* of course, one could argue that right and wrong are One, but then one could always argue that One has no need to argue.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

cats & dogs

oppositical tendencies:
cats and dogs


* of course, these things that we label as "opposite" are often more alike than different.
* pencil drawings by my extremely talented brother, john albert martineau of graphicjam.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

wIe One

wIe One

pronounced "we won" ...but with a very different meaning.

(and that's all one has to say, about that)

* fabulous acrylic art by cheryl huntley (my niece)

higher ground

higher ground

by highe r. g. round

you can see forever

valley, mountain, sky

you can See Eternity, from up here, up on


* there's something about the view, when you're up on higher ground (or flying).

martineau, l. (10-22.2-2007). book 55: green. © 2008 by picture of lake wakatipu, queenstown, new zealand taken on 11-11-08. 

(this post was originally posted one year ago, today)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a muse-ment park


by i. am and u. sing

if i am... while you sing, then (together), we are amusing.

if amusment parks are playgrounds...
if the Uni-Verse is One Song...
if Harmonic Universal Vibrations slow down, so that Non-matter can materialize...
if "slowing down" is the (reflective) way that humans experience Higher Frequency vibrations...
if park-ing entails a journey, outside of the vehicle...
if matter is (in Reality) Spirit, and

if Spirit is Here, on a matter-i-all-is-tic journey (of space and time), then (maybe) All of thIs is a Perfect Playground -- with relative tendencies toward sense-ation-all enter-ain't-ment.

* musings: thoughts, especially when aimless, ambiguous and unsystematic.

* muse-ment: the act of musing.

* park: to stop the vehicle and leave it, while you go an do something else.  ..does "form" = Spirit, parked?

* park: a place where one goes to engage, to experience, to re-lease and (when given the chance) to ride the rides.

* dance-sing: expressing, processing, live-ing, learning, do-Be-doing, etc.


  • are you the star, in your own sit-calm
  • are you the survivor of your own reality tell-a-vision show? 
  • are you an actor, in your own Play
  • is your life "virtual reality"? 
  • have you ever played games (monopoly, life, charades, tag, hide and seek, clue, or [our favorite] let's pretend)?
  • have you ever confused the Be-ginning with the end?

 are all of these... clues?

* magnificent water/color ("hawaii sunset") by clare dunn

Monday, November 9, 2009

Perfect Playground

Perfect Playground
by miss t. aken and her mirror, i. m. perfect

there lies a Perfect Playground (sky, mountain, water, tree)
and in that Perfect Playground lies the dance of you and me


Everything, and any thing, divided by One = itself
everything, multiplied by One = Itself

I/i = 1 = One

conclusion (?): in a Perfectly Perfect Uni-Verse, "I Am" could divide Itself into infinite particularizations (or mini-me's), which would apparently multiply or extend or express them-selves as "i am," thereby experience-sing sense-ations, drama, roller-coaster rides, and Love.

in other words, One "All" could experience Itself, Is-ing (or, Be-ing) by do-Be-doing.

conclusion: God must have invented muse-ic.

* picture of santa rosa beach, near destin, florida by l. martineau (one of my favorite photos of all time)

* title of this thoem inSpired by no one in particular (comment #25, november 6th)

click here to be inSpired by no one 

king dome

a couple of quick pics from "the dome home," rented (and enjoyed) on november 6th, 7th & 8th -- in the blue ridge mountains, near busick, n.c.

above & below: while jean had the first floor, lenny went for the (upstairs) loft