Friday, October 9, 2009

a tribute to the brainman

one of my wicked cool nephews (brian) recently ran the new hampshire marathon, and another wicked cool nephew (james) created this little video/tribute.

the first several seconds are just sound, against a black screen, so don't worry...
...the rest is vintage brainman, just being his wonder-full self.

Brian's Marathon Montage from James Martineau on Vimeo.
warning: the end will bring tears to your eyes, especially when brian hugs his mom (rosalie) and his dad (my brother, larry).

* foot-'neau-tes: james created the 'neau net, "where 'neau news is good news." here for the 'neau net.

* brian lives way, too far away (oregon) with his lovely wife (ashley).

below: there's 'neau-thing like teamwork


brian... james

mike ...steve ...pete


  1. Next time, you have to run too!!!

    Seriously though, that was the hardest, craziest, most awesome thing I've ever done! I may take a while off before I run my next.

    I ran slow (5:18), but I ran!

  2. brainman!

    i Love you like a brother, but my marathoning days are loooong since passed.

    i could possibly be persuaded to do 1/2 of the boston marathon, but only if there's a massaive party at "the scream tunnel" (wellessly college -- at the halfway point).

    i'm proud of you, bro!


  3. for a taste of the "scream tunnel," copy & paste the url (below) into your browser:

    the video is 1:36, but you'll get the feel of it after about 30 seconds, or so... and there's nothing quite like it.


    oh, and the correct spelling is "wellesley college."

  4. Fantastic, excellent, WONDERFUL video!!!!!

    Oh, yeah...I cried. Couldn't stop myself!

    Brian, our pride in your accomplishment is impossible to describe.

    James, you did a sendational job with the We are incredibly proud of you, too!

    Len...have we got a great fam, or what?

    xoxoxo, cd

  5. clare-voyance!

    we are lucky, beyond belief, and i'm grateful for every, single day as a martineau.


  6. Brian,

    I am soooo impressed and inspired! James, thanks for putting the video together so Brian's run could be shared.