Saturday, October 17, 2009

11 stories

we fell (eleven stories)
and landed in a dream
with confidence and worry (or, at least that's how it seemed)

experience the thrills, the chills, the agony, the glory
a journey of awakening:

we fell (eleven stories)

* maybe life is a mystory, when "my = wIe."

* maybe life is a Dream-Story, and history is a mystery.

* if everyone did everything "right," and if everything always unfolded as desired, then we'd have no stories, and there's be absolutely no reason to play the game.

* maybe the "wrong" (along with the right) is what makes this dance a dance, tonight.


  1. If everyone did everything by my definition of 'right', I'd never learn anything.

    I used to have a good mate with a bit of paper on her wall that said:

    Yesterday is history;
    Tomorrow is a mystery;
    Today is a gift, that's why it's called the 'present'.

    Thanks for reminding me of that bit of paper (and my good mate)

  2. hi, no one!

    what's not happenin' in NowHere land?

  3. sooooooo true, anonymous!

    we'd never have sunrises if we never had the illusion of darkness.

    thank you... for the present.

  4. In nowhere land, half-term holidays are not happening; my son hasn't been selected to audition for a west end musical because of his beautiful voice; my book is not almost done; my husband isn't being totally brilliant and supportive; and my daughter isn't growing into a thoughtful, beautiful girl who challenges authority just the right amount. Things couldn't be worse!

  5. hi, No One,

    when it comes to tongue-in-cheek, fun, One-liners, No One cracks me up more than you.
    when every-thing appears to be dismal, it's GREAT to re-Member that everything is going nowHere, fast, while No-thing is the matter, at all.

    by the same token, when the Play is juicy and delicious, it makes scents to get lost in the tastes, sounds, and scenes.

    Here: it's fall.
    Now: 11 stories.

    your yankee brothah,