Thursday, October 29, 2009


by i. m. agin

gaze into the mirror
wade into the See
wash away the error of "you separate from me"

* upon further reflection, it appears as if the mirror image is a backwards-illusion, created in the image-i-nation of the projector.

* the idea of "me" -- as a separate self -- could be referrered to as "original error" (or, as some might say: "original sin"). is the necessary step that Unification must take, should S/He want to experience (and for-get momentarilly lost in) the drama of relativity.

* virtual Reality is the best show on earth (or at least in re-sent me-more-y).

click here for "mirror meditation"

click here for "what is really Real?"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

what is Enlightenment?

when a candle meets its match, that's Enlightenment.

too often, we for-get to For-Give in to the fact that wIe are All-Ready we go and search for something to do, in order to Be


when any one piece (or glimpse) of Light can be seen as Enlightenment, when any one part of the hologram reflects the Whole, the only conclusion can be that you are already tHere, and tHere's NowHere else to e-go (except, maybe, wHere no man has gone before).

of Course (and a-gain), you cannot not.

maybe enlightening strikes at many levels, in many forms -- and maybe full Enlightening is the very process of Itself (at whatever level it appears to be on).

in this way, a flower or a dolphin is just as Enlightened as the most far-sighted a world where Seers are InSpired by drops of rain, surely your thoughts and ideas are worthy of contemplation and expression.

by the power non-vested in wIe,
i hereby pronounce YOU,


* InSpired by my brothers and sisters and parents and friends, who, each in his own way... draws his own, future conclusions from his personalized In-sight into this, the precious Present (moment).

picture #1: galaxy: free download from

picture #2 and drawing #3:  john martineau's hand, drawing  john albert martineau's  business logo/name (graphicjam)
-by l. martineau.

i... just... kept... running!

-forrest gump a world of sevens and elevens...

yes, ladies and germs...

today your uncle lenny received a fantastical reiki/cranio-sacral treatment from the tamster, and, after that...

it was 73 degrees, with clear, blue daylight... "so i decided to go for a little run..."

...and i jogged on down to the greenway, but that wasn't far enough, the path took me on to mile marker "zero," but the sun was high-in-the-sky, on i went -- 4 miles, 3 miles, 2 miles, 1 mile -- to the beginning of the greenway (which, of course, was the end), it made sense just to jog on back, and, in the final nonalysis... it was at least 11 good miles.

conclusion: you (yes, you) can get into the best physical, mental and Spiritual shape of your life (during your 8th life, at age 50). mission is to help you to get tHere (if you desire), and there are a variety of paths to choose from.

while "life is but a dream," you can determine how y/our lucid dream unfolds... Be(Cause) YOU are at the controls.

* is "running away" really an approach pattern?

* is "re-Turn-ing" (in Reality) just One, Whole ride of the boomerang?

* is 50 the new 30?

* is "aging" an illusion, propigated by the collective unconscious?

note: a "lifetime" is defined as "seven earth years." intention is to experience eleven good sevens.



in the final analysis, the final analysis would be akin to the final judgment.

Nonjudgment Day would be at hand, and there would be no reason to analyse, conceptualize, compart-mental-ize, or Essence, it would be a re-Lease from ties.

although this seems like a phenomenon or experience that might occur after the "death" of the physical body, wIe get small glimpses of No-nalysis during our earth-bound journey.  ..sometimes it's a sunset, sometimes it's the smile of a child, sometimes it's Love -- in the making.

the experience of Bliss cannot be accurately described (when we come back out of it, back here into our relative world).  ..when time stands still, when our breath is taken away, when an experience is out of this world, we InJoy a tiny glimpse of Bliss.

a(No)nalysis then, is a journey In-side, and it just might be the most Bliss-Full trip of All.


"Nonjudgment day is at hand!" -swami beyondananda

happy birthday, mike!

happy birthday, mike!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the master and the pupil

the master and the pupil
inSpired from a talk by master paramahamsa nithyananda,
charlotte, n.c. (10-24-09)

a master is one who has experienced an experience enough times to understand it. ..the master can replicate the experience, and the master can teach others how to experience the experience.

different masters will say different things about an experience, and different pupils will interpret teachings in different ways from one-another. a Way, everyone is a master and everyone is a pupil and everyone is experiencing and everyone is becoming more aware of that which contributes to various experiences.

sometimes, mastery comes with chronological age and experience.
sometimes, mastery comes with practice.
sometimes, mastery comes from making mistakes.
sometimes, mastery seems to be innate, or somehow genetic, or inborn.
sometimes, mastery is a process.
sometimes, mastery is systematic, scientific.

be wary of the master who teaches that there is only one way (especially if that way is the way that he has mastered).  ..note: all of us, if we've experienced good feelings, want to share that experience.  ..naturally, (and often, erroneously) we think that others will experience our Bliss by following our path.

be aware -- of y/our own, inner mastery.
be aware -- of y/our own, inner experiences.

although a master can lead us to a point:

it is at some point when wIe, the student, graduate from the course.
it is at some point where wIe, the student, become the master.
it is at some point where wIe, the follower, can lead.
it is at some point when wIe, the leader, can follow.

a master is one who has experienced an experience enough times to understand it. ..the master can replicate the experience, and the master can teach others how to experience the experience.

a master is one who can allow the student to become the master. ..the master, having learned and mastered, understands that learning is a life-long endeavor.  ..the master, having mastered, re-Cognizes that s/he is but a beginning student.

“mastery” (of course) is an illusion, based upon a perspective that some... aren't.

wIe.  AllIs.
master students

when teacher and pupil are One, the show has just begun.

click below for a glimpse of the cosmic comic, swami beyondananda

* swami beyondananda (who has performed several times at Unity of tallahassee, in florida) has produced such works as:
  • duck soup for the soul
  • the yogi from muskogee
  • enlightening doesn't strike twice
  • don't squeeze the shaman
  • drive your karma, curb your dogma
...and much, much more...


Monday, October 26, 2009

full & empty (Space)

full and empty (Space)

by s. pace dout

matter doesn't matter
No-thing (out of place)
everywhere is NowHere, Now, with
full and empty (Space)

* "space" is not equal to "empty"

* space is the cosmic broth that allows us to experience (or rather, to put stock into) the cosmic soup...

stock = matter
non-matter = space
space (organized, particularized, and reduced in size) = stock

reference: click here for inner outer space

Saturday, October 24, 2009

pumpkin pancookies (yum!)


  • trader joe's pumpkin pancake mix
  • trader joe's rice milk (vanilla)
  • trader joe's 100% liquid egg whites (cage free)
  • canadian farm fruit and nut granola (organic)
  • sun-maid california golden raisins
hap-hazardly place the above ingredients in a bowl. "play."
  • cabot whipped cream (natural)
  • land 'o lakes butter (light, with canola oil)
  • 1 bananna
1. lightly coat the pan with a pat of butter

2. after pouring the pre-pancake onto the butter, place sliced banana on the uncooked side

3. flip (after bringing the pancake to a golden brown, or my fave, "charred")

4. top with whipped cream

  • harmony bay cinnamon pecan coffee
  • international delight fat free vanilla creamer (yeah, still going with that)


* while it might not be the healthiest possible meal, it will satisfy those comfort-food cravings (on a cold, fall morning).

* for an added effect, start a fire in the fireplace.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

snakes alive, part II

yesterday, as the north carolina fall weather moved in
(earlier than expected or wanted)...
...the last backyard lizard slowly said "goodbye."

left & above: lazy lizard
(notice the sleepy, pre-hibernation eyes)

then, almost as if it knew that the day's topic was "healing,"
a big black snake crossed my path, down by the greenway.

he appeared to be both sleepy and depressed, so i picked him up and gave him some reiki (or was that "sneiki"?)
...and then brought him upstairs for this photo-op.

he was a tad skinny, but measured up from the floor to my chin -- which makes him almost 5 feet long.

i drove him back to the greenway, and could only imagine the stories that he'd be telling his family:

"dude, i was abducted by this giant ali-len, who took me to a far-away place and photographed me. ..then he transported me back here, in an egg-shaped space ship named 'prius'."

family's response: "riiiiiiiiiiight, yeah, suuuuure..."

below: mr. black snake gets re-leased, back into the wilds of charlotte, nc.

above: snakie t. phone hooooooome!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

wrecking ball

"bring on your wrecking ball"
-bruce springsteen

there are times in life, when life's card-dealer will simply deal you the worst possible hand (out of all possible hands).'s as if a perfect storm is looming on y/our horizon.

there are a few times in life, when wIe are simply ready to say:

"bring it on."

why does it seem as if springsteen's latest song "wrecking ball" has nothing to do with yankee stadium, and has everything to do with the boss' current challenges?

it sounds as if he's saying: yes, yes, i know that the wrecking ball is coming... i know that the pleasures and dreams that were once realized in this place are about to become nothing but memories... i know that my life, as i knew it, will never be the same...

"bring it on."

click here for more on "wrecking ball"

* do any of you ever have times when you wonder what it (life) is all about? you ever question the very fabric of your decisions? ..have you ever questioned the most basic, fundamental appearances of reality?

* after resisting the inevitable, maybe the trick is to give-in, to let go, and to say:

"bring it on."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

humans make mis-takes

humans make mis-takes

by bein g. human

we crash it when we fly it
we burn it when we bake
we love (and then we sigh, oh my), yes, humans make mistakes

* one of the most beautiful things about humanity is that we aren't "Perfect."

* Perfection and Oneness and Love and God and Spirit are properties of that which is not "relative," meaning that "they" are "Whole," and wIe are a relative experience of that.

* as an "off-springing" of Oneness, we are that which allows Oneness to experience that which it is not: duality.

* wIe, the nutty you-man, be-ing... experience the apparent separation that allows for labeling that allows for perception (e.g. that "left" is different than "right").

* wIe (literally) allow the Is to Play/play in the sandbox of relativity. ..wIe (literally) allow Oneness to particularize, to diversify, to varietize, and to experience the breadth and depth of ItSelf.

* wIe (literally) are the dancers at the Dance, and wIe (of Course) are the Dance, and wIe (of Course) are Dance-Sing It-Self (in action).

* only by stepping on each others' toes can we experience the Ecstasy that is the Tango! ..only by being cut-off (on the highway), can we understand the Joy of being given a break (on main street).

* only by pain, can we ever experience the Euphoria of Infantasmic Pleasure.

* yes, my fellow human Be-ings, we are the very apple of the branch of the Tree, springing forth the seed of future apples.

* embrace y/our mis-takes. ..some say we learn from them, and we cannot not. ..some say that they allow others to For-Give us. ..some say that mistakes allow us to For-Give ourselves, which just may be the most challenging dance of All.

* when we can see ourselves in others; when we can Be One with the other; when we Dance as One -- we can see "mistakes" as "takes" in an In-finite-ly dynamic Play of plays...

...and that, my friends, is what trans-forms the illusion of "mistake" into Perfection, in act-I-on.

are wIe i'm.perfect?

is the apple not the seed, the root, the branch, the tree, the blossom, the fruit?

is the Is I'm-Perfect?
* after All, It never Really wasn't.

-the beginning.

Monday, October 19, 2009

expect the unexpected

“expect the unexpected... sounds like good advice.
of course, if you expect the unexpected, then it’s not really unexpected anymore, is it?
...and that leaves you vulnerable... to the truly unexpected,
because you weren't expecting it.”

- joe blake, played by bruce willis in the movie “bandits

expect the unexpected

by e. x. pecting

expect the unexpected
like sunshine in the night
like water in the dessert
like darkness in the light

expect the unexpected
like video, projected
expect another ending, now,
expect the unexpected

* in a world of projection, virtual reality and 100+ channel tell-a-vision, it is easy to for-get that:
1. the remote is closer than we could ever imagine
2. we can change the channel
3. we can pre-view the experience
4. we (literally) prepave and select our own endings/beginnings
5. we can turn off the projections
...we can modify the lucid Dream (in fact, we do so with every, single thought).

* more on the movie "bandits":

1. the bad guys are good guys
2. "kate" falls in love with both joe and terry
3. "dead" can be very alive
4. it ends with a wedding

click here for widepedia's review of "bandits"

click here for the internet movie database's review of "bandits"

"bandits" is fun, has no vulgarity, has a cameo skit with bruce willis' daughters, and offers a fantastic supporting role by joe garity as (the hero/stuntman) harvey "dog" pollard.

"bandits" also makes use of three great songs:

1. beautiful day by u2
2. the superman song (it's not easy) by five for fighting (click here)
3. crazy 'lil mouse by in bloom

Sunday, October 18, 2009

days of future (past)

days of future (past)

by Bein G. Present

days of future (past)
days of present (tense)
days of quantum particles both tiny and immense

how can time rewind the mind (by slowing down the fast)?
days of future (filled with presence)
days of future (past)

* in the article (below), quantum physicists mull over the possibility that those from our future have already used time-travel to come back -- in order to stop us from dabbling in things like time-travel.

click here to reflect on "doomsday in reverse"

* it's good to know that our future selves have the presence to use the past as a means to save us from the human lunacy virus (hlv), here in the Now.

(or something like that :)
* picture ("city lights at night") of san jose, cr (march, 2009) -- or -- a picture from the bridge of the starship lenterprise, as she approaches an uncharted galaxy (11.11.2046).
* "the days of future passed" is an album title from "the moody blues," who sang my favorite childhood song, "knights in white satin," which ended with my favorite line: ''just what you want to be, you will be in the end."

Saturday, October 17, 2009

11 stories

we fell (eleven stories)
and landed in a dream
with confidence and worry (or, at least that's how it seemed)

experience the thrills, the chills, the agony, the glory
a journey of awakening:

we fell (eleven stories)

* maybe life is a mystory, when "my = wIe."

* maybe life is a Dream-Story, and history is a mystery.

* if everyone did everything "right," and if everything always unfolded as desired, then we'd have no stories, and there's be absolutely no reason to play the game.

* maybe the "wrong" (along with the right) is what makes this dance a dance, tonight.

Friday, October 16, 2009

boy in the balloon

boy in the balloon

by boy o. boy

boy in the balloon
drama in the night
we are all buffoons (by tuning-in to watch the flight)

media in frenzy (it will all be over soon)
see a jump in ratings, when there’s

boy in the balloon

a low-water mark for humanity was when the news reporter (and the father) continued the interview while the boy was getting ill -- all for the watchful eyes of the viewing audience.

• once again, it becomes apparent that human beings will watch anything sense-ational, and that the media has trained humans to think that the sludge, interviews, slime and gossip are all part of “what the public wants.”

was it not a hoax?

• a better question might be: who cares, and why do we care?

• for a species that appears to have lost touch with that which is important…

• for a species that helplessly tunes-in to other people’s drama and pain,

…maybe global warming, thermonuclear war and apocalyptic doom represent more of a remedy than a problem (as far as Mother Earth is concerned).

…maybe She’ll be better off without us.

honestly, think about what's been in the news, this past week (or any other week, for that matter). ..what have we been tu(r)ning-in to?

when the balloon really goes up, maybe we'll really realize that all (of this) is a hoax.


blowout on 485

disclaimer: this is one of those "diary posts" that are just for me
(to read when i'm seventy-seven years old),
so don't expect anything exciting...

you're going 70 mph, on the way to work, and you momentarilly go into denial when you hear that sound ("ptssssssssssssshhhh!") ...just before you come out of denial and pull into the breakdown lane.

ooops... left rear tire (flat)
ooops... cell phone (battery low)

while calling AAA,
ooops... AAA membership expired in january.

of course, the first thing you do is begin to get irritated, but then your wellness conscience kicks in:

below are the notes, written down on the back of piece of paper entitled
"fall facutly/staff meeting"

reasons to be grateful for flat tires:

* life is Good!
* picked up 104 pieces of trash along highway
* it was a smooth blowout, as highway blowouts go...
* easy (coasting to a stop), insignificant traffic
* large breakdown lane
* good weather
* cell phone available
* AAA was expired, but they let me renew
* called monica, who wrote the "lenny has a flat" note, and posted it at my classroom
* i have a job, and
-food (oranges, apples)
-life experiences

* i have tissue (made earplugs b/c of hwy traffic noise)
* picked up trash, and renewed energy for "save the beaches"
* the sun is out
* discovered where my "donut" is located (in the hidden trunk of the prius)
* the flat tire forced me to slooooooooooow down
* gratitude check
* learned:
-about charlotte
-about AAA
-about myself
-about gaston college (excellent support)

* saw a tandem flight of army helicopters (cobra/huey)!
* thoughts:
-how far tires have taken me, in my life...
-all of the places that cars have taken me...

* i've actually piloted helicopters! ..amazing!
* i'm charging my phone, using this car's (hybrid) battery, while the car is "on" but not "running"
* the prius has been getting 51-53 mpg
* there are a lot of people with a lot bigger problems than this, right now
* thousands of cars have passed by, and (so far) no one has done anything stupid, like hitting their brakes or driving dangerously
* my car is green
* the sky is blue
* i should make it to my 6 p.m. class
* these cars and trucks are screaming by me, pretty close!
* there's a ditch right next to me, so if someone were to do something stupid (like crash into my car), i could always (quickly) jump in the ditch
* although nobody has stopped to help, nobody has stopped to rob me, either :)
* maybe my future wife will see me out here, stranded
* no damage to vehicle
* here comes the AAA dude...
* life is Good!

anyway, the blowout experience ended without incident, and i rode the donut to the toyota dealer, where they proceeded to replace the flat.

although i never even considered changing the tire myself, i'm certain that i could have, in a pinch.

experience rating: (8-)
-fun? ........................... 1
-thoughts? .................. 9
-gratitude check......... 9+
-support/resources.... 9+
-lemon-to-lemonade.. 8+
-"yug" practice........... 9+
-learning...................... 9

learning point: keep camera in car, in order to document unexpected experiences.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"aye, Be, See" is an Alpha bet

A B C's (defined)

"aye!" is the gentle re-Mind-er (or the smack over the head) that begins to wake us up...

"Be" is just YOU, Be-ing. cannot not but Be.

"See" (with a Capital "S") is to See Beyond the physical. is the re-Cognition that Life is more than that which we sense with our very, very limited senses. ..Seeing is Be-Living!

"Alpha" is the One, the All, the "Alpha and the omega," the Is.

a "bet" is a gamble, a chance, a wager, a "win or lose proposition." ..a "bet" is a bit of a manifestation of Spirit in action -- as in a drama-tized action move-ie (a man-at-feast-i-on, if you will). ..a "bet" is like the proigal sun, taking his chances, following his labyrinth path back to Center (which is Everywhere -- if No-thing at All).

an "Alpha-bet" is simply the A-B-C's of the Is, Is-ing, which It cannot not.

sooooooo... when we practice "aye- Be-See" it's a safe Alpha bet that we'll re-Cognize:

-the beginning and the end,
-the Creation and the apocolypse,
-the InSpiration and the expiration,
-the Sunrise and the sunset,
-the Be-fore and the after...

Is One, All-Ways, Now.

-the end

or, to sum up this post in another way...


-the Beginning
no. (i don't get it, either :)
...but it feels like a closed loop; feels like a safe bet; feels like "you may have All-ready One."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


plans [1]

by p. lanning

sometime beyond the Now
a time that we’ll call "when"

sometime about the vow to get together yet again
a time (out in the future) when your wish is my command

sometimes we need
a time to freely talk (and think) of



* plans give the Present an air of excitement when we project potential, future fun into the Now.
* sometimes, we for-get (and project negativity into the future), which results in hellacious now-moments.
* i like planning things with you. ..not only does it prepave the way toward that experience, it also has a brightening effect on the Now.
* plans are dreams that are in the process of becoming reality.
* thoughts... are plans.


[1] martineau, l. (10-30.1-2007). book 55: green. © 2008

-pictures from a vacation in st. thomas, made possible by my sister & brother-in-law (donna & tom) who share a time-share.

-the pictures are from a private sail/sorkel trip:
* picture #1 is the dingy of the rumbaba, our boat
* picture #2 shows jo&al, having fun on vacation
* picture #3 is al (in contemplation)

if there's one thing that dad would have wanted in his life, it would have been a boat. ..he's even envisioned himself, all alone, just rowing away (backwards) on the charles river (in one of those rowing shells).
he feels a sense of freedom when he thinks about that.

Monday, October 12, 2009

flashback: "let it go"

the link below is a "flashback" to a post from last october, entitled "let it go."

nowadays, last october seems like a lifetime ago...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

touch = connection

this short video says it all...

1 min, 12 seconds

Saturday, October 10, 2009

the co-inci-dance


by stroke o. f. luck

it's a stroke of luck
it's a twist of fate
it's a chance (coincidance), it's never early/late

it's a clue (for me, for you), a date with space and time
it's a chance (coincidance), a Gift withIn a rhyme



* some say that there are no co-incidences, no choice, no matter... just destiny.

* some say that "life is a box of chocolates," and that "we make our own destiny" out of things like "free will."

* some say "maybe it's both."

click here for more on "maybe it's both"

below: it's no coincidence that massage therapy providers
love to dance!

happy birthday, larry!

happy birthday, larry!
october 10th